Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Rising Above My Challenges

I was rising above my limits for months, but now it has become rising above my challenges and just surviving

Ever since I did the Polar Global study this past summer, I started keeping a detailed training log again. That’s how I know that on October 29th, I had a bad sore throat and virus that I’ve been struggling with ever since. Had I not had all of my Team Beachbody teammates and Team Polar teammates and the Year of Running group, it would have been such a struggle to keep showing up and doing something even with the challenges of being sick and then a bad toothache starting on Thanksgiving Day. I can’t thank my teammates enough for always setting the bar high. I keep aspiring to do more because they are such awesome athletes and role models.

I also want to put in a special word for the kids on the DCES Runners Club team that I coach.  There are about 30 or so kids (we have had as many as 43 but the weather is changing and so kids just prefer to go home after school) and we meet every Monday and Friday after school.  I didn’t miss a practice all season, but the ones in November have been tough.  I showed up, ran with the kids and put them through good workouts and some fun games, too (most recently, we played Save the Pig which is a variation on Steal the Bacon).

One of the reasons that I have been so inspired by them is that as a team ranging in age from Pre-K to 5th grade, they ran, in 16 practices, a total of 824.5 miles around our quarter mile course.  Last year, with a similar number of kids, they ran a total of 951 miles for the entire year.  Wow, what an improvement!

So thank you to my teammates, all of you, for inspiring me beyond words…

rise above your limits, rising above your limits

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