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Vitamins are chemical substances that serve a wide variety of purposes in the body. They regulate the chemical processes responsible for converting ingested food into an energy source that the body can use. Vitamins also feed metabolism, aid in cell rejuvenation, and help process the foods you eat, which in turn helps keep your skin, muscles, and bones healthy. Vitamins assemble proteins and allow these proteins to build and repair body tissue. To date, 13 vitamins have been discovered, and it is possible that more will be identified in the future.   Failure to consume “any one” of these essential vitamins results in deficiency disease.   Shakeology is the easiest way to get your vitamins!

Team Beachbody Coach Kevin Grant – Kevin lives and coaches in Florida and has more than 10 years of experience in nutrition , weight loss and fitness. He is looking for new members of his Team Beachbody Club to help them to lose weight, get in shape and have the quality of life that they deserve. To learn more about Kevin and to contact him go his Team Beachbody website by clicking here. Team Beachbody Coach Kevin Grant

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