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Beware The I’ds of March!

Fitness pro Raphael Calzadilla has a great article entitled, “Jumpstart Your Fitness Program” and he begins it by warning us to beware the “I’ds of March”. He goes on to say, “Spring has sprung and there you and I sit, overweight and overtired. The year is one-fourth gone and we are dangerously close to having little more than not-so-fond memories of the body we wanted by now.

Here are a few examples of what I mean by the dreaded I’ds of March:

* I’d be in better shape if only I’d been working out sooner…
* I’d be thinner if only I’d have started my diet January 1st…
* I’d be more energetic if only I’d have lost my gut like I planned — and vowed — to do on New Year’s Eve!

It’s time to seize the moment and stop ignoring the warnings issued by your ever-expanding body. Continued…

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