Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

BODi Performance Total-Solution Pack

With the BODi Performance Total-Solution Pack you will maximize your performance and save! Get an annual BODi membership pre-workout Energize and post-workout Recover.

BODi Performance Total Solution Pack

The annual BODi membership includes thousands of fitness, nutrition, and mindset videos, clean pre-workout Energize, post-workout Recover, 2 healthy eating plans with yummy recipes that make reaching your goals simple and delicious. Plus, you can take your pick of 2 FREE Super Blocks.

A Complete Solution that Focuses on the Whole You
Your Total-Solution Pack gives you everything you need for your health esteem routine at the best price. You not only get a full year of our all-in-one health and wellness platform, but also powerful nutrition to fuel you and the tools to help build a strong mindset.

FITNESS: Thousands of Workouts on BODi

From cardio and strength to yoga, Pilates, and mobility, there’s a workout for every fitness level. BODi includes all-new BODi Blocks released throughout the year, 95+ fitness programs, and thousands of live and on-demand workouts led by Super Trainers and experts in their categories.

NUTRITION: Powerful Nutrition and Healthy Eating Plans

Make your health goals happen with nutrition you can count on. Your Total-Solution Pack includes clean pre-workout Energize and post-workout Recover to help you push harder, last longer, and get better results from your workouts.* Combine these with one of our easy-to-follow healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset or Portion Fix, to help you reach your goals without sacrificing the delicious foods you love. You’ll also get the 2B Mindset Tracker and Portion Fix Color-Coded Containers, tools to help you succeed with whichever plan you choose.

MINDSET: Inspiring Personal Development Tools and Motivational Videos

When you begin by celebrating who you are today, your health and wellness experience changes for the better. Stay motivated and get inspired with Mindset master classes and weekly video content from positive psychology experts, and community support to cheer you on as you create your best possible future.

Learn more about the BODi Performance Total Solution Pack by clicking here.

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