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Super Block Unlock Nutritionals

Super Block unlock nutritionals are a great way to get two free Super Block workout programs with the initial purchase from BODi. I get mine every month with my Shakeology subscription and every is in my BODi Library for any time that I want to do it again.

Super Block Unlock Nutritionals

Here is the list of the Super Block Unlock Nutritionals that you can choose from:

Qualifying nutrition subscriptions include:

To find all of these products, click here to go to the BODi Nutrition Store.

Super Block Unlock NutritionalsEach month you stay on your qualifying nutrition subscription, you will earn the following month’s Super Block for FREE (limit one total per account).
If you purchase or renew any other combination of nutrition subscriptions totaling at least $99 ($120 CAD, £99 GBP, €99 EUR)* in one month, you will receive the following month’s Super Block for FREE. *The total is based on retail price (excluding applicable shipping and handling costs and taxes), with the exception of some nutrition subscriptions in the UK and France where VAT is included in the total. Partner/Preferred Customer pricing may be lower.

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