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What’s Your Favorite Beachbody Program?

Here are the top Beachbody programs that I’ve done in numerical order.   I’ve provided my review and feedback on each one and a link so that you can learn more.   Or you can just email me at

Insanity1.   Insanity review –   It pushed me to levels I didn’t know existed in me and gave me Great Results in 2 months. I had several outer body moments while doing Insanity like “did I just do that?” ,”this is crazy” and “this is only the warm up?”   I believe this program helped me complete my first 40 mile bike ride by learning how to Dig Deep.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset2.   Ultimate Reset review – (could have been #1)   It took me on a journey to reclaim my mind,body and soul and taught me how to eat clean. Even after a years time , I still reap the benefits of its detox/cleanse.   Read more and learn more about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset by clicking here.

Focus T253.   Focus T-25 review – Now that I’m busier, I don’t have the time to workout as much so T-25 gave me a Great workout in 25 minutes with its core exercises. I even had 1st timers jump in a workout with me and do the modified version and get thru 25 minutes

Les Mills Combat4.   Les Mills Combat review –   I’ve never done Martial Arts so this was a learning experience for me and at the same time I got a nice workout. It had 6 different fighting styles including Boxing which i was familiar with and was Fun to do it with the Wife even though She nearly knocked me out a few times. I have new respect for the Arts!

Insanity The Asylum5.   Insanity: The Asylum review –   After doing Insanity , some P90X, cycling , etc , I wanted to test my new stronger body. Asylum is an introduction to sports training. It has many sports drills and workouts that prepare you for whats called “Game day”. It was fun and short …only 1 month. Had me feeling agile and ready to play a real game (No X-box)

Power 906. Power 90 review – This is a program i did in 2004 to prepare to get Married and it worked for me and my wife.We had some Great results for that time and was the very 1st Program I actually completed. Even though its old it still works for many because like the Extreme version P90X, it has a balance of cardio/weight training.

P90X7.     P90X review – the reason why this isn’t in my top 3 is because its a Program I didn’t complete.   I’ve done about 2 months of it and plan on trying again when I get some time. I may have been spoiled by T-25 and my current P90X3 30 minute program.   I know some people who have gotten Incredible results with P90X.   Its proven!

Some of the programs I have planned for 2014 are P90X3 (current) Body Beast, Asylum 2, P90X2 and Insanity and Ultimate Reset.   You can join me in a workout in the SuperGym by getting a free Team Beachbody membership.   Just go to

I would also love to know your fitness plans for 2014 and if you don’t have any and need help making them, just email me at

Team Beachbody Coach George Penn


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