Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Team HowToBeFit Heroes of the Year Nominees 2010

Using the concept of the CNN Heroes, we would like to recognize individuals in the Team Beachbody community who have demonstrated their passion and belief in the Team Beachbody mission, not only by transforming their own lives, but also the lives of countless other people with their dogged determination and unfailing compassion. The list will be expanded as more nominees come in. The voting will end on November 21st, 2010 and the winner will be announced on December 21st, 2010. Please submit your entries, with pictures and information to on or before November 21st. Nominees are not listed in any order and new nominees will be added as quickly as possible. To see the current list of nominees, please click here.

Here are examples of the types of email that we are getting and it is so heartwarming to know what a difference Team Beachbody Coaches are making in other people’s lives:

To Whom It May Concern,
“I am actually a co-worker and friend of Michael Wade. He is a Beachbody Coach, and I saw a post about this on his page. I think he should be nominated because of the following.   Michael is a married father of two beautiful little girls. He works rotating shift that change every week, and is at work more than he is at home with his family. He became a coach not to long ago, because he want s to change his life and every one’s around him. In a weight loss contest at work at the first of this year he weighed in at 296 pounds. It scared him because he was killing himself, and he said that was not fair to his wife and girls. He did Insanity when everybody told him a fat guy couldn’t do it. Now he is doing P90X. He is down to 246 pounds now, and is stepping up to end the trend of obesity. Especially childhood obesity, because as he says, ‘The kids are the future.’
That is why I think he should be nominated.”

Name withheld

“I want to submit my vote for Jessica, not because she is my personal coach, but because she is the person who started this journey for me all by chance.   I never knew signing on with her that day I got my P90X in the mail would change my life like it has.   She has been an angel to me and someone who I consider a close friend now.”

Name Withheld

“I wish to nominate Shanna de Potts for the Hero of the Year. Taking what could be considered obvious prejudice aside there are many reasons she should be the HowToBeFit Hero of the year.

Shanna obviously has worked through her many health issues that many would use as an excuse to not push forward with their health and weight issues. She modifies where needed to ensure her own success and shares this with everyone.

She takes so much time away from her own life to reach out to many people that could use her help and offers it freely. She never judges a person by their appearance, only offers them a helping hand. She is always there to answer questions and address concerns that anyone has. I have sent her numerous text messages, facebook messages and emails with a wide array of questions. If she doesn’t readily know that answer, she seeks it out to both answer the question posed and to further educate herself.

Personally, if it had not been Shanna’s open arms and non-threatening help to start me on my fitness journey, instead of becoming healthier and more fit – I would have continued my unhealthy, non-exercise way of life. She made me feel comfortable right from the start.

She continues to be there when I need her, even with my own advancements. I see her offering the same not only to members of her team, but to other people as well. She knows she can help them start, progress and continue moving and she does so unselfishly.

She is a model coach and along with myself; the people she coaches are much better due to her thoughtfulness with everyone’s differing situations. She is always there to offer a Woot/Congrats for their jobs well done.

Simply put – she deserves to my our hero, I know she is one of mine.”

Name Withheld

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