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The Number of Superfoods in Shakeology ® Is Rivaled by None

There are many protein shakes and meal replacements that are less expensive than Shakeology, but none of them have as many quality superfoods as Shakeology does. Usually the “you get what you pay for” logic rings true, and the shake biz is definitely a case where it applies!


Shakeology has 70+ ingredients, 41 of which are defined as “superfoods” foods that are loaded with essential nutrients that enhance energy, boost immunity, and improve moods. Other shakes may trumpet their number of ingredients too, but they don’t come close to Shakeology. Plus, too often their “magic ingredients” have been isolated from the enzymes and phytonutrients that actually make the ingredients useful when consumed.

In contrast, Shakeology has been formulated in such a way that all the ingredients work together to give you synergistic benefits; they weren’t just slapped together and packaged as an acai juice or a chia nutrition bar because ingredients like acai and chia are super hot in the media (even though Shakeology has those too!). Shakeology’s ingredients work together like a symphony, and this combination is so effective that some people report dramatic benefits in the first week!

Here is a list of the superfoods we’re currently using in Shakeology. Try to incorporate some more of these in your diet throughout the day along with Shakeology, and you’ll be feelin’ super, super good!

Acerola cherry
Ashwaganda leaf
Astragalus root
Barley grass
Bilberry fruit
Blueberry fruit
Brown rice
Camu camu fruit
Chia seed
Flax seed, sprouted
Gingko leaf
Goji berry
Grape Seed
Green tea
Himalayan Salt
Luo han guo
Maca root
Maitake mushroom
Oat protein
Pomegranate fruit
Reishi mushroom
Rosehip fruit
Sacha inchi
Pea protein
Tulsi (holy basil leaf)
Whey protein isolate
Yacon root

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