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In order to keep the site innovative and interesting, we are constantly adding fitness resources and fitness information as well as providing product updates. In order to keep you always up-to-date on what new resources have been added, we have placed all of those resources on one page. Site Updates, New Articles and New Resources

Depressed 5 Reasons to Sleep Your Way to Better Health
When your mother told you to get your beauty sleep, she may have been on to something. From babies to adults, studies show that the amount of sleep a person gets can directly affect his or her diet, mood and overall health. While individual sleep needs vary, most adults need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night consistently, while school-aged children need 9 to 12 hours. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about one third of adults regularly get 6 hours or less of sleep a night. How do you know if you're getting enough sleep?  Read more
Weight Training: The Best Way to Get Lean
When it comes to reshaping your body, nothing is quite as effective as lifting weights. Cardio is great for your heart, Pilates will help you get stronger, and yoga will balance you out; but nothing compares with a well-designed resistance program for getting lean. This is in contrast to our weight lifting cultural icons. Arnold, Hulk Hogan, and the WWE are who and what we tend to associate with pumping iron. It may be more accurate, however, to associate those massive bodies with anabolic steroids and turn our attention to the real cultural icon for weight training: Jack LaLanne. The guy who practically invented "lifting" as we now know it is well into his 90s and can still ace the fitness standard designed for a 30-year-old.   Read more
Get Lean With Weight Training
Woman Looking at Reflection A Girl's Guide to P90X
Muscles are a girl's best friend. Not only do they raise your metabolism and help you burn more calories, they also keep you living strong. And they look beautiful. Well-sculpted shoulders and lean, tight legs carry clothes better and allow you to power through everyday activities with strength and stamina. How do you get a body like that? A program like P90X will do the trick.  Read more

What is your purpose in life? Do you know? Is your life just about taking care of you, or just your family. Zig Zigler said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want”. What does it mean? To me, it means quit worrying about me, focus on helping others. How many times have we seen someone suffering, suffering a pain that we too have suffered. Read more

Don't Feel Guilty for Trying to Help Friends and Family

Several months ago, I watched a movie called “Food, Inc.”. I recommended it to everyone I know, at work, home, friends, family…I mean, everyone. I just watched another movie, this one called “Killer at Large: Why Obesity is America’s Greatest Threat”. Again, I'm recommending it, excellent movie! Why do I recommend these movies? Because they're eye openers. They tell a story that we should all know. They provide information that may help improve their health and lives. Read more

P90X In Africa

Team Beachbody Coaches Brad and Alicia Crawford moved to Uganda to serve as missionaries. And they brought P90X along to share with fellow missionaries. Enjoy this inspirational story of how Brad and Alicia are making a difference on a global level. Read more

Bra Bulge, Muffin Tops and Bat Wings!

Sounds like some kind of weird diet or something scary. But the truth is, these are the issues that most women ask me to help them tackle. Oh yes, jiggle thighs and saggy booty are up there too, but the upper body does get shown a lot more than the lower body. Read more

Do You Ever Google, "What Is..."

I am a compulsive googler and it seems like I am always thirsty for knowledge. Often times, I will actually begin a search with, “What is…? and Google will find the answer for me. As of yesterday, though, there won't be any need to google, “What is Team Beachbody” because now there is a presentation that explains everything that it is and everything that it can do for you. Read more

Tony Horton's First Law of Exercise: Variety

Variety is the spice of life and fitness. A lifetime of health and fitness is achievable when you can think outside the box. You have to mix it up all the time. Stay curious and creative, and stick with the kinds of workouts that you enjoy. A variety of exercises, workouts, and sports will allow you to avoid injuries, plateaus, and boredom. Read more

Strength Training: More Than Getting Ripped

We know that strength training is an important part of a Power 90 or P90X routine. Why? It makes you stronger, and I’m not just talking about the shape of your biceps or the size of your pecs. Resistance training strengthens bones, ligaments, and tendons, as well as your muscles. Altogether, a well-oiled internal machine improves your balance and power while shortening your recovery time and risk of injury. Read more

ChaLEAN Extreme® 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Six-Pack
No matter what your age, body type, or fitness level, we're pretty sure one of your main workout goals is to improve your abs. And why not? A flat midsection, with or without a visible six-pack, is the ultimate symbol of being fit and lean. (And yes, it looks great at the beach.) But it's not just a matter of vanity - strong core helps stabilize your entire body. That's why every Beachbody workout program includes a variety of ab-tightening exercises.   Read more
6 Ways to Avoid a Plateau
Not a lot can dampen our enthusiasm as much as seeing our progress come to a halt. P90X is a hard program. And when we're working hard, we want to see results. But everyone who trains will hit an exercise plateau at some point, even those using something as meticulously crafted as P90X. Today we'll take a look at what to do when plateaus happen. When we trainers, well, train people, we measure everything we do with graphs. The vertical plane usually measures improvement, while the horizontal plane measures time. We design programs with the aim of keeping the vertical line moving upward. When results taper off, the vertical line flattens. Our desired result is a line that looks like a steep slope. What we want to avoid is a line that looks like a plateau, or worse, one that goes back down. Read more
Woman Bored with Exercise Bike
Kristy M. Before and After How To Lose Weight with P90X
P90X is not a weight loss program, yet most people lose weight by doing it. This is because most of those people begin the program with more body fat than they're happy with, and getting ripped means they've lost body fat and weight. But some people want more. They want nothing but to be lean. Such is our privilege by designing the most versatile workout program in the world. P90X comes with three scheduling options: classic, lean, and doubles. Both the lean and doubles schedules are designed more for weight loss than the classic schedule. However, losing weight has a lot more to do with how you do the program than which option you choose.  Read more
Sore, Hungry, and Slow: 3 Signs That Show Your Program Is Working
Exercise makes us feel great. It makes us less hungry. It helps us perform everyday tasks better. Besides our health and the way we look, feeling great, being less hungry, and performing better are exactly the reasons we put ourselves through exercise. However, en route to ultimate fitness, there are some hurdles we all need to clear. Mainly, they include being faced with the opposite of our intended goals. Enter the trilogy of grumpiness: getting sore, slow, and hungry. We tend to look at these as negatives, but how about a little New Year's spin? You want these feelings because they're clear signs your program is working. Read more
Salad 9 Appetite-Suppressing Foods to Conquer Your Cravings
If you're like most people, conquering your appetite is one of the biggest challenges you face in your fitness and weight loss journey. As soon as the word "diet" crosses your lips, you may start craving all the junk you know you're not supposed to eat. The secret is eating the RIGHT foods to help calm the cravings for the wrong ones. Add these 9 easy-to-find, tasty foods to your meal plan, and rein in your appetite before it gets out of control!  Read more
Bob Is Committing to Get Fit

I never had self confidence growing up. I had weights, treadmills, cable machines and even those grip strengtheners, I always started and quit, thinking this is going to take too long. As the years (and years) went by I then thought, if I only stuck with it. The only thing I came close to sticking with was boxing but I was young and married with a family and it just didn't fit in too well. Read more

The 5 Facets of Health

I'm really glad that growing older is supposed to make us wiser. I find that a comforting thought. Especially since we're sold products and fed messages that equate youth with worth. When I was 25 I could give a rip about getting older because I was too busy using up each day as quickly as I could. Now 48 years old I reflect on how I was always in a hurry to get to the next thing. Read more

Ira's 10 Minute Trainer Success Story

Ira was on blood pressure medicine, he had sleep apnea and the doctor told him he was shortening his life. At 62, with 10 Minute Trainer, he lost 42 pounds and 8 inches off of his waist. Watch Ira's story

Lloyd's Insanity Success Story

Lloyd was in the Army for 10 years and thought he was fit. In his first Insanity workout, after the warm up he said, "I'm almost gassing here" and that was just the warm up! See how he lost 27 pounds with Insanity. Watch Lloyd's story

Lloyd's Insanity Success Story

Lloyd was in the Army for 10 years and thought he was fit. In his first Insanity workout, after the warm up he said, "I'm almost gassing here" and that was just the warm up! See how he lost 27 pounds with Insanity. Watch Lloyd's story

Lori's ChaLEAN Extreme Success Story

At 50, Lori can't believe the sculpting and shaping she sees from losing 40 pounds and 8 inches off her waist with ChaLEAN Extreme! Watch Lori's story

Jill's P90X Success Story

Jill had the extra skin and stretch marks from having children. That was then as this is now as Jill used P90X to become a super mom! Watch Jill's story

How to Become a Shakeology Distributor

Shakeology will be the healthiest meal of your day with 70 healthy ingredients - the equivalent of five trips to the salad bar! Or, Shakeology can be a great addition to your "training table" if you are a runner, cyclist, top athlete in other endurance sports or just training hard doing P90X, Insanity or Chalean Extreme. The ingredients in Shakeology are derived from whole-food sources and deliver the daily vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs to curb cravings, allowing it to shed stored fat. Read more

212 - The Degree That Makes The Difference

In the “212, The Extra Degree” movie, it says, “To get what we’ve never had, we must do what we’ve never done”. The 212 Attitude is that, “The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try it and the faith to believe it possible.” We will put in that extra degree of effort in your life and that extra degree will make a huge difference. Read the rest of the blog

Shakeology For (My) Life

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned Shakeology and its role in my health, fitness and fueling my now incredibly busy lifestyle. I have correctly credited Team Beachbody with the complete turnaround in my health which took a precipitous fall in May of 1985. You can read about those chapters of my life here. The “comeback” resulted from numerous factors, including a low stress lifestyle, great workouts and all of the Team Beachbody nutritionals that I was taking. Then along came Shakeology and the Great Recession... Read the rest of the blog

Updated P90X Page

The P90X Complete Workout System is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to fabulous in just 90 days. You will be coached by an experienced P90X Coach, get a 3-phase nutrition plan, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. Check Out the Updated P90X Page Now

Updated P90X Page

The P90X Complete Workout System is a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to fabulous in just 90 days. You will be coached by an experienced P90X Coach, get a 3-phase nutrition plan, a detailed fitness guide, a calendar to track your progress, online peer support, and much more. Check Out the Updated P90X Page Now

Updated Team Howtobefit Contact Page

Looking for answers to your fitness, workout, nutrition and health questions? Our team of Independent Team Beachbody Coaches from across the country is ready to answer your questions and provide the support, guidance, motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals. Go to the Updated Team Howtobefit Contact Page

Tony One On One + Turbo Fire Sneak Peek Workout

From May 3rd through June 2nd, Team Beachbody will feature a special subscribers-only preview of the hottest new Beachbody® title, TurboFire®. New and existing Tony One on One subscribers will get a full sample workout from TurboFire, the new High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program. If you've been looking for a killer cardio program, this is it. Get Tony One On One + Turbo Fire Sneak Peek Workout

Team Howtobefit Accountability Journal

Being accountable is one of the best ways to achieve your short and long term goals. Having a scoring system is fun and motivating. We are focused on regular exercise, good nutrition and positive lifestyle choices, so the system that we use is printed below. Just copy and paste it into your post and fill in your score each day - whether it was good or bad. It will become your daily journal and your road map to success for others to follow. Start posting, stay accountable

Join Team HowToBeFit and Start Changing Lives Today

Learn how a single dad has been able to build a highly successful business with over 30 other fitness and marketing consultants working with him - from home, while being a full time dad to a 5 and 3 year old. Click here to join us today

Staying Fit With Epilepsy

One percent of Americans will have some form of epilepsy in their lifetime. Learn how James Maginello has taken care of his health despite his malady. Click here to watch James' story

Cancer Survivor Susan Baldwin Finds Strength

Two time cancer survivor Susan Baldwin used Chalene Johnson's Turbo Jam to regain her strength and energy after several grueling rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. Click here to watch Susan's story

Annette McDougall's 10 Minute Trainer Success

Obesity runs in Annette McDougall's family and she wasted teased mercilessly as a child and became a binge eater and bulimic as an adult. At 57, she finally turned her life around with 10 Minute Trainer and Team Beachbody. Click here to watch Annette's story

Greg Washington: Army Medic

After serving as an Army Medic, Greg returned home and began using his medical skills as an onset medical professional in the Louisiana film industry. Click here to watch Greg's story

Real People, Real Results - Donna's Story

I want to share the story of another Team Beachbody Member who has privileged me with letting me coach her. Donna is by no mean the type of woman who has a lot of time for herself. She is married to a great guy who does P90X with her. She is a mom of 2 small children, and to top if off she works a full-time job. Donna shares her story on how she is managing to juggle it all. Her schedule is far from ideal, but she's doing a great job. Read more

Don't Just Build Your Body, Build Your Dreams

Instead of just working on your body and building your body, you could be building your dreams and building the dreams of others at the same time. Are you just going to the gym or working out at home and solely thinking about your issues? Well what about the same issues faced by all of the people around you that you could be solving while you solve your own? If you could change a person’s life and give them the gift of health and fitness and better quality of life, wouldn’t you do it? Read more

Man Salivating over a Big Burger How I Overcame Compulsive Overeating - by Debbie Siebers
My biggest challenge in life so far has been conquering my compulsive eating habit. I remember so clearly the hopelessness I felt because I had no control over my impulses. I would literally sit down to a pint of Haagen-Dazs® every day and swear that tomorrow I would start my diet. There are also vivid memories of me downing an entire bag of Chips Ahoy!® chocolate chip cookies and an entire big bag of Doritos®! I had those moments of sitting in my car, opening a jar of peanut butter, and polishing off almost half of it, and then driving to a fast food place for a burger and fries.   Read more
Is It Time to Eat?
It probably is. Because if you're like many people, you don't eat often enough. According to Turbo Jam® trainer Chalene Johnson, you should eat at least five times a day. That includes three meals and two snacks. So why eat so often? I kid you not. Our bodies are actually programmed to store fat, and this trait has helped us humans keep going over the eons. At many stages during our existence, it was critical to our survival. If you look back in time with me, I'll show you why. Read more
Cheese, Grapes, and Berries on a Plate
Woman Sitting on Swiss Ball at Her Desk Surviving the Desk Job: How to Stay Healthy at Work
When we started school, oh so many years ago, no one had to explain to us that the human body was not designed to sit in a chair for 8 hours at a time. Somehow, we inherently knew that we needed recess, physical education, lunch, and even naptime. Even that walk uphill, both ways, in the snow, barefoot, was just part of what we needed to do. So we worked all of those years, graduated to our dream job, and ended up sitting in a cubicle for 8 hours without moving. Sure, we use the facilities, maybe go out to lunch, but mostly we sit on our backsides with horrible posture and stare at a computer screen.   Read more
Sweating the House Work(out)
A recent British study revealed that the average Brit burned over 50,000 calories a year doing housework. That's equal to burning almost 15 pounds of fat. Now, I'm not saying that housework should replace workouts. But if you take the right approach to keeping your house clean, you can really burn fat and tone muscle. And who doesn't want to do that? So how do you start firming and cleaning? Before you work out, be sure to warm up to keep from pulling a muscle. Turn on some lively music to help you keep an upbeat pace. Take deep breaths to stay energized. And have your cleaning supplies ready to go. Read more
Man Ironing
Popcorn Test Your Movie Theater Cuisine IQ!
If you're like most people (sadly), you may have indulged a bit in movie theater cuisine (okay, maybe not "cuisine" so much as "nicely packaged gut bombs"). Buttered popcorn, nachos, pizza . . . You can do some serious damage before you've even traveled back to 1986 in a hot tub or seen some serious Titan clashing. These calorie counts can be even more entertaining - or scarier, really - than anything on the screen. Match each treat with its calorie count, ranking from highest to lowest calorie count.  Read more
Meet the Team Howtobefit Coaches

Our mission is focused on you achieving your goals of exercising regularly, eating nutritiously and making good lifestyle choices so that you, too, can achieve our levels of health and fitness and sense of accomplishment. We cross the U.S. and have established local and regional teams of coaches to provide the best support, guidance and coaching to the Team Beachbody community. Click here to learn more about each coach

Cammie Fights MS With P90X and Shakeology

Watch how Cammie, a mother of 3 overcame great adversity to combat the debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. With P90X, Shakeology and the support of her loving family, she found the strength and hope that she desperately needed. Learn more about Cammie

Kirstin's Shakeology Success Story

Several courses of antibiotics killed the good bacteria in Kirstin's digestive system and severe digestive problems arose. The prebiotics in Shakeology restored balance in her belly and helped her get off of all of her medications.
Learn more about Kirstin

Jeremy Newman - P90Xer and Parathlete

A tragic skydiving accident left Jeremy paralyzed from the waist down, but that hasn't slowed him down a bit. He's still Bring It with P90X and chasing his dreams as a world class parathlete. Learn more about Jeremy

Rhonda Sanders is Driven by the Love for her Grandchildren

With fibromyalgia and lupus, Rhonda Sanders felt weak and emotionally hopeless. Driven by the love of her grandchildren, she used Slim In Six and Shakeology to get the strength and energy that she needed. Learn more about Rhonda

Empowerment Through Physical Fitness

Being overweight is a SYMPTOM – without discovering the CAUSE, you will never lose weight! Success stories come from the people who realized WHY they were overweight, and they recognized and took action on their MOTIVATION to lose weight and get in shape. Read more

The ADA, Kathy Smith and Beachbody Join Forces to Combat Type 2 Diabetes

If you or someone you know has or is at risk for Diabetes, there is now a fitness program designed specifically for you. Turn your life around starting today. Diabetes does not have to be a lifetime disease. With proper diet and nutrition, it can be something you used to have. Let me help discover the new you. You are worth it! The first and only combined all-in-one nutrition and DVD exercise program to help people with type 2 diabetes, reduce diabetes complications and help prevent the disease. Read more

Real People, Real Results - Dee's P90X Success Story

Its funny I wasn't really skeptical about P90X - I saw the infomercial many times and one night I was watching TV by myself because I had a bad day and I was like "I need that" it was sort of like a challenge to myself, I hear so many people I know that have it and do one work out and give up - I know that I am tougher and more determined than that so I jumped in head first and have been loving it ever since. Read more

3 Things Fast Food and Insurance Companies Don't Want You to Do

Well surprise surprise, we find out health insurance companies and fast food companies are bedfellows. Do we expect them to be moral leaders? Do we really think that any of them give a rip about anyone’s health? According to Harvard Medical School researchers, 11 large companies that offer life, disability, or health insurance owned about $1.9 billion in stock in the five largest fast-food companies as of June 2009. Read more

Cup of Tea, Teaspoon, and Sugar Cube 5 Simple Rules for Eating Sugar
Few topics boggle dieters and fitness enthusiasts the way sugar does. Is this simple carbohydrate the key to unlocking elite sports performance? Or is it the chains that drag our country deeper into the obesity epidemic? Annoyingly, the answer is both. But before you throw your hands up in frustration and grab yourself a Twinkie®, let's take a minute to talk about sugar. It's not as complex as it seems. In fact, with just a few guidelines, it's incredibly easy to use these simple carbohydrates for good instead of evil.   Read more
6 Foods With Hidden Sugar
The average American eats approximately 1,500 pounds of food every year. Of that, 160 pounds are primarily sugar. Of course, sugar is delicious, and I know I'm happier for its existence, but of all the things we consume, it has the least nutritive value. In fact, except for the energy in its calories, there's not much to recommend about sugar. It's a prime source of empty calories, and for those of us who are trying to lose weight, sugar's the first thing we should start trimming from our diets. But here's the problem—despite our best intentions to remove excess sugar from our diet, the food industry has found more and more devious ways of slipping us the sweet stuff.  Read more
Nutrition Label
Orlando Home-based Weight Loss Fitness and Success MeetUp

The Orlando Home-based Weight Loss Fitness and Success MeetUp is for people who want to achieve lasting weight loss and fitness success via effective, affordable, home-based workout programs! Learn more about our meetings

6 Month 6 Pack By Sundown Challenge

The 6-Pack by Sundown Challenge is for people who are willing to make a serious, 6-month commitment to themselves to finally see REAL, lasting fitness and weight loss results! If you are looking for a “quick fix” or a “shortcut to success,” then the 6-Pack by Sundown challenge is NOT for you. Read more

Founding Father of Fitness

I saw this posted on the Success Magazine website. Having seen a few of Jack LaLanne’s older videos, I am huge fan of what he represents, each of us taking individual responsibility for our own health. If you sit around, doing nothing, and eating crap, well, you reap what you sow! Healthcare is not the answer. Caring for your health is. Jack LaLanne has encouraged generations to get off the couch and into the gym. Read more

The Chores Will Always Be There

I have been so excited about my P90X workouts and my new Team Beachbody business, that I started letting a few things slide around the house. I was feeling a tiny bit guilty about it and said something to my husband about it. His replay was heaven sent! "The chores will always be there." The bottom line is this, your housework or yard work will always be there. Your health and mental well-being are more important that the clutter of toys in the family room or the dirty ring in the sink. Read more

Keeping Your Cool During Hot Weather Exercise

Are you a cold weather person? I'm not. Not even slightly. I can tolerate the heat so much better. But some of you are just the opposite, and as it heats up outside, workouts become a struggle or maybe a no-go. It also can be dangerous. Let's look at why, and what to do to be as safe as possible. Read more

Battling the Blues With Aerobic Exercise

For many of us who work out regularly, depression is something we never experience. Maybe an off day here and there, but nothing lasting. To others, depression is a serious and debilitating condition that needs medical attention. For others a routine of regular exercise will work wonders. Here is an article from for those who fall into that last category. Read more

Woman Sleeping Keep Your Immune System Strong During Hard Exercise
Could working out hard increase your risk of getting sick? Two recent studies have led several publications to state that intense exercise should come with a warning that it increases the risk of illness. Today, we'll take a deeper look at these claims, analyze what they mean for you, and look at a few ways to keep your immune system strong.  Read more
Conditioning Your Pet while Kicking Your Own Booty!
For those of us who have the pleasure of owning a pet, the benefits are fairly obvious. Pets offer unconditional love, listen to us without offering needless advice, and make fantastic snuggling companions. There is nothing like coming home to someone who is genuinely excited to see you and who wants nothing more than a chew toy for Christmas. But for all of the love we give them, we also seem to give them a lot to eat. Read more
Man Walking Dogs on a Beach
Pumpkins and Wheelbarrow 3 Quick Steps to Home Gardening in Even the Smallest of Spaces
There's no denying the benefits of a home garden. It provides healthy, organic food that spends mere minutes traveling from plot to plate, ensuring freshness that translates to more nutrients. Furthermore, a home garden means exercise, outdoor time, and savings at the grocery store. But, unfortunately, planting that plot can seem a little like skydiving. Everyone wants to be the kind of person who does it, but when you're faced with the actual prospect, it suddenly seems incredibly daunting.   Read more
Team Howtobefit Health & Fitness Q & A

Join us Monday evenings at 8:00 PM ET (5:00 PM PT) for a question and answer session about health, fitness and the Team Beachbody opportunity Click here for details

Team Howtobefit New Mexico Weekly Meeting

Team Howtobefit is a national fitness consulting business headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. We get you fit and healthy with regular exercise, good nutrition and positive lifestyle choices. Learn more about our meetings

Recurring Fitness Questions

Over the years, as a fitness professional and more recently from my Team Beachbody members, these have been a few of the recurring questions Read more

How Not To Be A Fat Cat: Chill

Here are some things you need to keep in mind and take into account for reaching fitness, health and fat loss goals Read more

Are You Depressed? Part One In a Series

A case could be made that I am depressed or have reason to be, but what about you? Since the last time that I posted, I got an April Fool’s joke on Facebook...
Read more

To Rest or Not to Rest, That is the Question

For some people, perhaps many, taking 6 days of rest and then anguishing over whether to work out on the seventh is their norm. Read more

Is It Time to Stop Being a Ticking Time Bomb

You need to lose weight, you need to lower your cholesterol, you need to get your blood pressure down, you need to… Read more

Are You Depressed? Turn to Inspiring People

Reginald Thomas is the type of father that all men, especially black men, should try to emulate... Read more

Power to the People

No, not the name calling, spitting on, wrecking offices and death threats – the power that comes from being empowered through health and fitness. Read more

Team Beachbody Gets More Generous

No joke. On Thursday, April 1st, Team Beachbody introduced the new and improved Coach Compensation Plan. It's an exciting time, because this new plan will make Team Beachbody one of the MOST generous compensation companies in all of direct sales. Read more

Soda Bottle Silhouette Top 10 Reasons to Give Up Soda
If you're looking for a scapegoat in the obesity epidemic, look no further than soda. It's the single greatest caloric source in the world, accounting for somewhere between 11 and 19 percent of all the calories consumed worldwide. It's cheap, addictive, and readily available, which generally means that it will take some willpower to avoid. The top 10 reasons to give up soda. Drumroll please . . .  Read more
Gluten: What, Why, and How?
If you didn't know any better, you might be forgiven for thinking a "gluten" was the muscle you flex while doing squats and lunges in the gym. In fact, gluten is a grain protein found in wheat, rye, oats, and barley that acts as a sort of glue holding the flour together, and providing structure. So what's the big deal over such a tiny little protein that performs such a noble function? 
Read more
Gluten-Free for a Healthy Life by Kimberly A. Tessmer, RD, LD
Man Flexing Bicep The Sleep Solution: 4 Ways to Get the Rest You Need to Boost Results!
Sometimes, people get so caught up in hammering workouts and cutting calories that they forget that half of getting great results is recovery. And one of the greatest tools in the recovery arsenal is a good night's sleep. It heals your mind and your body and, frankly, just makes you feel good.   Read more
What's Your World Coming To?

Hopefully this isn't the direction your body is going right now. Worth clicking just to see the picture... Read more

Kids Need Exercise More Than Ever

We keep seeing it on the news that child obesity rates are on the rise. So what's a parent to do to help our children? Read more

Stop Making Excuses

Excuses make us powerless. We all have the power to change. What do you keep making excuses not to do? Read more

Confessions of a Running Addict

This isn't one of those, "Top 10 Ways to Know that You Are Addicted To..." lists, this is one of those, "True Confessions". Read more

Does A Stomach Virus Have You Running?

Shake it off! That's what I did. As a stomach virus went through our family, I turned to Shakeology for the nutrients that my body needed. Read more

How I Became Addicted To Insanity

Based on the Fit Test, I expect to be able to finish the 60 day program before I turn 60. Scroll down to see the evolution of my new addiction. Read more

Talk About Being Blessed

What a blessing to be able to share with other people with so much trust and faith and passion, what I do Read more

8 Ways to Know If You Are Fit 8 Ways to Know If You're Fit
With a national obesity rate of nearly 30 percent, we know that we're overweight. But if thin isn't the indicator of fitness, and you can't be large and fit, how are we supposed to tell if we're healthy? Let's decipher what these studies indicate and sort through the murkiness about what it really means to be fit.   Read more
Tony Horton's 11 Laws for a Lifetime of Fitness
With advice on everything from consistency to loving it to variety, Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, gives us 11 laws to help all of us to get the most out of our workouts, improve our health and wellness and maintain a lifetime of fitness. Read more
Tony Horton
12 Steps to Having Fit and Healthy Kids 12 Steps to Having Fit and Healthy Kids
Kids today are the first in history who will live less time than their parents. The primary reason for this is obesity, which is linked to an assortment of ailments. Childhood and teenage obesity rates have been skyrocketing over the past three decades, and the fatter you are, the sicker you are likely to become.   Read more
10 Best Spring Cleaning Workouts
Here is a list of the top 10 highest calorie-burning chores (listed from the lowest to the highest, with the average number of calories burned per year). The good news is that the more you clean, the more calories you'll burn through. And the more body weight you're carrying, the more calories you'll burn.   Read more
10 Best Spring Cleaning Workouts
Feel Healthy on the Inside

Eric Haitz has 100 pounds to lose. He has lost 8.9% of his body fat and 24 pounds of fat already by working from the inside out. Read more

P90X is the Real Deal

Personal trainer Jessica Watters gives us her insights on P90X and why she now has come to call it the "real deal". Read more

5 Lame Excuses Not To Exercise

Joyce Cherrier starts her Monday by realizing that all of those excuses that she sees on the blogs, Twitter and Facebook are really just "lame". Read more

How I Smoked the Air Force PT Test (at 40)

Aaron Potts tells us about his quest to beat his record on the Air Force PT test from when he was 18 and how he did it! Read more

Top 10 Ways to Know That You Are Obsessed With P90X

Scott Morrison provides us with this Facebook post from a 31 year old mother of 3 who will really give you a laugh. Read more

What's Your Problem

Not words you want to hear on a darkened street, but if you are ab or butt challenged, then it is a question that you want to see the answer to! Read more

18 - 4! Is That a Spring Training Score

One year ago today, there were 18 vitamin and supplement bottles lined up on my kitchen counter. How did I get to 4? Read more

Honestly, Where's Your Honesty?

If you love P90X, then you probably have an issue with all those bootleg copies that people are buying and diminishing the brand. Read more

7 Days, 7 Dinners
If you're trying to get in shape, then dinner can be a really dicey time. It's when a lot of us gather with family or friends, and it can entail a large home-cooked meal, a large pizza, or a bucket of chicken. No one's going to appreciate being served a scoop of cottage cheese and a mixed-greens salad when they were expecting lasagna or kung pao chicken.   Read more
7 Days, 7 Lunches
Lunchtime's a real danger zone for most people trying to lose weight and keep their bodies—not to mention their wallets—in shape. For most of us, lunch happens somewhere in or around the workplace, which means looming nutritional and financial disasters if there isn't a brown-bagging strategy in place. If I don't bring my lunch to the office, there are always the siren songs of the nearby McDonald's®, KFC®, and Wienerschnitzel® to reduce my bank account and expand my waistline. 
Read more
7 Days, 7 Breakfasts
It's hard to work good nutrition into our days. We're working longer and longer hours and still trying to fit in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise, not to mention all the studies coming out that say we're not getting nearly enough sleep. The hours run out. The snooze button gets pushed. Breakfast often turns into eating last night's leftover takeout during the morning commute. Or worse, it turns into no breakfast at all.   Read more
Why Do People Give Up So Easily?

This isn't going to be one of those, “In my day” rants, but honestly, years ago, people prided themselves in never giving up and never quitting. I don't live in some parallel universe and come up with these commentaries. I see people give up, I hear about people giving up and I know that “I can't” is an all too common refrain today.  Read more

Running and Swine Flu

Having been a runner for almost 44 years, I know my body. I am very consistent in my training and performances as well as nutrition and lifestyle habits, so when I start to not run well, I know that my body is fighting off something. Read more

Are You Discouraged?

Is 2010 starting out as bad for you as 2009 ended? It is for me and the very least of the problems that I am facing is still trying to get over the effects of the swine flu. Am I discouraged? No, I'm defiant and I will explain why later.Read more

What's Your Driving Force?

Your driving force can't be just a number on a scale because your bathroom scale doesn't tell the whole story. What if you don't lose weight one day or one week? Are you going backwards? What if you want to run a 5K in May and your times on your training runs aren't getting faster each day or each week? Do you give up? What if you are doing a workout DVD and you can't do a single pull up or single push up? Read more

We're All Fish in the Sea of Fitness

Let's face it, we're all just like fish in the sea of fitness, and just like all people who work out, we thrive in different environments. Basically, we can be divided into the people who go to the gym and the people who would never work out at the gym (with a few people who live in the brackish water of going to the gym and working out at home). Read more

Not Just Another Reason to Drink Shakeology

You know by now that I'm no Billy Mays. I'm not trying to pitch something or convince you to do something that you absolutely have to do. I'm just a coach who tries things and uses things before he recommends them to his athletes. Read more

8 Ways to Keep Your Weight Loss Resolutions
Each year, so many of us make New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get healthy. Now that the holiday treats have stopped miraculously showing up at our doors and desks, there's no excuse not to get in health mode to look and feel better. Wanting to lose weight is a start. But it's better to break this daunting task down into achievable behaviors that get the job done. Even if you can't leave your house to work out or dine out, you can still set yourself up for weight loss success by following these 8 simple tips.   Read more
4 Hearty, Healthy Winter Breakfasts
On a blustery winter morning, a hot and hearty breakfast is the most comforting way to start your day. It can also supply a significant portion of your daily nutrition, and get your body ready for whatever's to come. A well-balanced breakfast is even more important than most people think. Complex carbs feed your brain and can literally make you smarter, while adequate protein keeps your blood sugar steady so you don't get snack cravings or conk out before lunch. 
Read more
Ask the Coach Ask The Coach
Looking for answers to your fitness, workout, nutrition and health questions? We are committed to promptly providing the answers you need. Our 24/7 365 service is operated by a dedicated group of Team Beachbody Coaches who will provide you answers to your fitness, workout, nutrition and healthy lifestyle questions free of charge and with no obligation. Our mission is to provide you with the information and resources that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals as quickly as possible. Learn more
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