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Weight Loss Heart Rate

from Polar USA - Click here for actual Success Stories

Want to achieve long lasting results from your weight loss program?

Experts say you need a combination of diet and exercise. Sounds tough and strenuous…..especially the exercise part. But the truth is, it doesn't have to be long and strenuous.

Thirty minutes at the right pace will make a huge difference, and tracking your calories will provide the motivation and results you're looking for. Here's how it works:

OwnZone™ Paces You

Thirty to sixty minutes is the range to shoot for to lose the weight. If you're like most people, you have a problem pacing yourself so you can exercise long enough, and not too slow. The OwnZone feature on Polar heart rate monitors will automatically determine the effective target zone that will help you complete your workout. It listens to your body during a brief warm-up and then sets your target zone for you. All you have to do is keep your heart rate in that zone. Click here to learn more about OwnZone™

OwnCal™ Tracks the Calories you Burn

Most people pay attention to the calories that they eat, but not the calories they burn during exercise. By tracking the calories burned on a daily basis, you can adjust your eating accordingly and be more likely to reach your goal. With the Polar heart rate monitors with OwnCal, you can even track the fat that you burn during exercise! Click here to learn more about OwnCal™

OwnIndex™ Checks your Fitness

Being the proper weight is important, but being fit and healthy is just as important. Polar heart rate monitors with OwnIndex have a built in fitness test that you can take while sitting in a chair. With OwnIndex, you can check your fitness to make sure that while the weight is coming off, you're also improving your fitness. Tracking improvements will provide a motivation that will make it a little easier to get out there and exercise. Click here to learn more about OwnIndex™

That's why we say losing weight comes down to three things; diet, exercise and Polar Heart Rate Monitors.
Get the them working for you today and that trip to the scale will be a pleasant one.

Personalized Workouts….. Real Results

OwnZone™ Automatically establishes your effective heart rate zone.

To get an effective workout, you must exercise in your personal target heart rate zone. This zone will vary from day to day based on your fitness level and the effects of daily life. OwnZone will find this zone for you during your pre-workout warm-up.

For most adults, OwnZone corresponds to about 65-85% of your max heart rate. This is the effective zone for anyone looking to lose weight, improve fitness, or simply maintain health. With OwnZone, you will know each day how hard you should be exercising to get the results you're looking for. No more guessing!

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OwnCal™ Tracks your calories burned and fat percentage.

Now there's a calorie calculation that you can count on. Any effective weight loss program relies on the amount of calories you intake and burn. Unlike most exercise machines, OwnCal accurately calculates the amount of calories and fat you burn based on your personal data and your intensity, or heart rate. When you use most exercise machines, they calculate calories based on the weight you input, the speed and the incline. If two people the same weight exercise at the same speed and incline, they will get the same calorie number. There's no personalization because the machine is not taking into account any information from the individual's body to calculate the calories. Just step off the machine while it's running and you'll see the calories accumulating. So who's burning the calories, you or the machine?

OwnCal factors in heart rate to give you a more accurate measurement and a realistic way to monitor your weight loss program.

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OwnIndex™ Measures your fitness level and monitors results.

It's now possible with OwnIndex to test your fitness level, set a baseline to measure against, and track your improvements. In less than 5 minutes while resting, the Polar Fitness Test calculates your OwnIndex, a measure of your fitness level. You can now track your fitness level while relaxing in your home.

OwnIndex is based on a sophisticated measurement that only Polar can do, called heart rate variability. Combining this measurement with personal data (sex, weight, height, age and activity level) allows OwnIndex to calculate your predicted VO2 max, an indicator of aerobic fitness. So you can see where you are before even starting your exercise program, and take a monthly test to track your improvements and stay motivated.

Exercise…….. it's personal!

The Polar OwnFeatures work because they're based on information they get directly from you. Your body provides data back to the watch, which then provides the guidance that you need to exercise effectively. It's like an automated system, and all you do is tell it about yourself and wear it. It personalizes your workouts, tells you when you're doing it right, and let's you track improvements. It's the smart heart rate monitor that works because it's personal to you.

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