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Guide to the Team Beachbody Club

» WOWY SuperGym - One of the most fun features of all three levels of involvement in Team Beachbody is WOWY - Work Out With You. Join hundreds of other people across the country working out in the virtual gym with you. You can go to "Other Tools" while in WOWY and then click on "Who's In WOWY Right Now" to see who you will be working out with. You can even invite people to work out with you at any time of day so that you always have someone to join you. Every time that you work out, first log into WOWY. Then do your workout, log out and you are automatically eligible to win that day's prize which could range from $300.00 to a any one of a number of prizes valued at $300.00. One day a week there is also a special $1,000.00 winner!
» Million Dollar Body Game Winners - Every month, people just like you and me win between $1,000.00 and $10,000.00 in the Million Dollar Body Game - in four different age groups for men and for women. Team Beachbody is all about being successful in achieving your fitness, health and weight loss goals and every month that you consistently work out and then submit your success story, you can enter the Success Story Contest and be eligible to win. All contest winners are then eligible to win the annual $250,000.00 Grand Prize!
» Team Beachbody Store - Find all of the best workout DVD's that you've seen on TV and well as a great selection of supplements and nutritionals and all of the fitness accessories that make doing your workouts easier and more fun. As a Team Beachbody Club member, you get a 10% discount. As an Independent Beachbody Coach, you get a 25% discount on all of your purchases from your store!
» Diet & Nutrition - Create the diet plan that is just right for you with the Personalized Meal Plans. Then use the shopping lists provided as well as the Featured Recipe as well as the full list of healthy recipes to create your meals. Have fun and learn while watching Danny Teeson's Thin Kitchen cooking videos and use the body fat calculator, healthy weight calculator and caloric needs calculator to help you achieve your goals.
» Exercise & Fitness - Find a wealth of Fitness Tips, Nutrition Tips and Health Tips in the article library to help you achieve your goals. Use the Transformation Tracker to track your progress to see how your body changes! The Diary helps you to record your exercise and diet progress, and enjoy your success! Learn from the Trainer Tips provided by Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Debbie Seibers, Shaun T and Teigh and Gillian!
» Trainers & Experts - All of the trainers and experts listed above have their own "Trainer Corner" where they share a wealth of information about working out, fitness, nutrition and health.
» Community & Peer Support - Peer support and having someone to work out with is essential to success. Go to the Member Gallery and find Team Beachbody Members in your state and invite them to work out. Or find people doing the workout that you are doing and invite them to "join you" in the SuperGym. Find a wealth of support and advice in the best fitness and health Message Boards on the Internet. Keep up on the latest thoughts, advice and wisdom from Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler, trainers extraordinaire Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson and fitness expert Steve Edwards.
» Beachbody Network News - Bi-weekly video with timely health topics and profiles of people who have become success stories by overcoming physical, health or financial challenges and become role models for others.
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