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Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness Articles

by Phil Campbell - Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time Crunched Adults

Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness is a practical, science-based fitness plan anyone can use to lose weight. Synergy Fitness has a wealth of exercise plans, scientifically proven methods to cut body fat and revolutionary information on how to use your naturally ocurring fitness hormone to achieve all of your physical fitness and weight management goals.

The use of exercise induced growth hormone, or HGH, is introduced in Phil Campbell's health and fitness book in a clear and concise and convincing manner. All fitness programs geared toward physical fitness and weight management should incorporate the Synergy Fitness methods. Human growth hormone is naturally ocurring in our bodies, but its production diminishes as we age. With Phil Campbell's Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness, you learn how to cause your body to produce human growth hormone to give you more energy and vitality as well as trigger fat loss and cut bodyfat. Coupled with the wealth of exercise plans and weight loss exercises, Synergy Fitness is a must have book for every fitness program.

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Synergy Fitness Articles Sports Training - Is there a difference between sports training & fitness training? Sports training and fitness training look like twins, but they have different goals.
Synergy Fitness Articles Wall Slides - Developing Fast-muscle Fiber with Plyometrics - This drill is great for those wanting to increase top end running speed. Athletes not trained in how to convert from the initial drive phase of running, will significantly deter their top end speed
Synergy Fitness Articles How to Develop Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber - High school athletes want powerful fast-twitch muscle fiber to make the starting lineup. Olympians want fast-muscle fiber to win the gold
Synergy Fitness Articles Protein After Training - Protein is essential for building muscle. Researchers show the daily requirement for protein increases with high-intensity fitness training.
Synergy Fitness Articles 10 Minute Stretching Routine - Researchers show that prolonged stretching (in the form of yoga) with moderate aerobic exercise and diet control will reduce cholesterol and significantly reverse hardening of the arteries
Synergy Fitness Articles Develop Your Muscle Fiber - You have three types of muscle fiber that make up your "muscles," and this is sometimes called muscle composition.
Synergy Fitness Articles Sprint 8 Workout - Researchers show that high-intensity, anaerobic fitness training makes the body produce anti-aging, anti-MIDDLE-aging, athletic performance improving growth hormone
Synergy Fitness Articles L-Glutamine - L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body. It's found in high-protein foods like fish, beans, meat and dairy products. Research shows that L-Glutamine helps facilitate the release of growth hormone
Synergy Fitness Articles Limiting Refined Sugar After Workouts - Limiting refined sugar for two hours after training maximizes the benefits of exercise-induced growth hormone
Synergy Fitness Articles Absolute Peak Exercise Capacity - When the highest-intensity aspect of exercise is measured, it has been proven to be a better predictor of how long someone will live than other factors
Synergy Fitness Articles Women and High Intensity Exercise - Do women get the same benefit as men from high-intensity exercise?
Synergy Fitness Articles Somatopause - The SOMATOPAUSE (sa-mot-a-pause) is the name medical researchers give to the metabolism slowdown that typically begins in the mid-30s
Synergy Fitness Articles The Truth About Stretching - Researchers show that prolonged stretching (in the form of yoga) with moderate aerobic exercise and diet control will reduce cholesterol and significantly reverse hardening of the arteries
Synergy Fitness Articles Love Those Endorphins, Don't You - Endorphins are the body's natural pain medication hormones. Endorphins, when they're released, make us feel better, improve our mood, increase pleasure, and minimize pain. Find out the good ways, and bad ways, to increase endorphins.
Synergy Fitness Articles High Intensity Exercise Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease - read why the American Heart Association, in a recent news release, cited research showing high-intensity exercise can significantly lower the risk of heart disease
Synergy Fitness Articles The Truth About Exercise - read why a new study makes it clear that middle-age and older adults should be doing anaerobic exercise - high-intensity wind sprints rather than standard, long, slow cardio
Synergy Fitness Articles Muscle Isolation Is A Key Weight Training Principle - learn why isolations is a key weight training principle along with exhaustion and aerobic tempo
Synergy Fitness Articles Redefining Age - Setting World Records at Age 75 - find out why middle-age and older adults are cheating themselves out of the quality (and the quantity) of their life because they dont do anaerobic, high-intensity exercise
Synergy Fitness Articles New Antioxidant Discovered - learn why researchers report that high-intensity exercise that produces lactic acid, may need to be considered an antioxidant agent
Synergy Fitness Articles How NFL Players Play Well into Middle-age - find out if it is the anaerobic exercise they perform during practice that does the trick
Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness Click here to learn the science behind Phil Campbell's training plan
Target body fat
Increase your energy
Slow the aging process
Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time Crunched Adults

For less than a half hour session with a personal trainer, you'll get
368-pages of power-packed information with 300 photo-illustrations
for Just $19.95

Personal Endorsement

Phil Campbell contacted me personally and asked if I would be interested in following his training plan. After being a competitive runner for over 36 years, I thought that there was little more that I could learn. I was totally wrong! Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness for Time Crunched Adults has revolutionized my training and I can't thank Phil enough. I have lost body fat, gained energy and strength and I am running better than I have in years. Phil's book shows you how to incorporate his training methods into your bicycling, swimming, running or other cardiovascular workout as well as maximize the benefit that you get from your strength workout. You owe it to yourself to order this book and start achieving all of the goals that you have always wanted to, but never been able to.

The goal of BODi is to provide you with solutions to reach your health and fitness goals. Click here to learn more about BODi Coach Rich Dafter.

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