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Heading For An Early Grave? Test Reveals Your Fate

From eDiets - The online diet, fitness, and healthy living resource

You think your golden years are ahead of you, but that isnt necessarily the case, especially if youre making the wrong food moves.

It’s hard to swallow, but the food on your plate can actually take years off your life.

Thats right. What you eat influences how long you live, and how healthy you will be. OK, so maybe you think youve heard this all before. Sure, we all know those high fat foods have caused obesity to run rampant in our society, where more than 61 percent of adult Americans and 14 percent of children are overweight. And we all know that obesity and being overweight leads to heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes, all conditions that can affect your longevity (READ: Death).

But maybe you haven’t gotten the whole story when it comes to diet, lifespan and how what you do or don’t or what you eat and don’t eat means the different between long life and death. eDiets Director of Nutrition Susan Burke says consuming the wrong foods on a regular basis is like drinking from a fountain of “age.” Instead of subtracting years from your life, you’re aging yourself… by years or even decades.

“The fact is: you aren’t going to live as long as your healthier counterparts if you don’t follow a well-balanced diet, and include plenty of antioxidant-rich foods,” says Burke. “The more fatty foods you eat, the less likely you are to live a long, healthy life.”

Still not convinced? Your biological age might be 33, but unhealthy habits like eating too much red meat, smoking cigarettes, not exercising or drinking excess amounts of alcohol may put your body age at 44. So how do you know what kind of toll your lifestyle is taking on your age?

The Polar BodyAge™ System was developed by Polar HealthFirst USA and was developed in conjunction with all of the leading research organizations. The test looks closely at your health, well-being and lifestyle.

Not only does it use scientific research to determine your body age, the telling test specifically explains how to put the brakes on the aging process with simple common sense steps.

It may be increasing your activity level. It may be eliminating that extra glass of red wine at dinner. Or it may be cutting out those unhealthy foods that lead to deadly diseases.

According to Burke, there are plenty of perpetrators out there that could be costing you years. Here’s a sample:

  • Bacon, sausage and ham are high in saturated fat which raises “bad” cholesterol that leads to coronary heart disease. High-fat food is also high in calories which contributes to obesity. A diet that contains regular amounts of high sodium can also lead to hypertension and fluid retention.

  • Sugary cereals lack good nutrition, are high in calories and contribute to weight gain. Of course, being overweight or obese leads to other ailments that can drastically affect your lifespan.

  • Whole milk is high in saturated fat and cholesterol which contributes to increased blood cholesterol, and increases your heart disease risk.

  • Donuts, muffins or other pastries contain excess amounts of sugar, and are usually made with hydrogenated oils or trans fat, which increase the risk of heart disease at a greater rate than the intake of saturated fats. That's because trans fats lower HDL, or good cholesterol, as well as increase LDL or "bad" cholesterol.

  • Bagels, english muffins or other processed bread products are refined white bread with the bran and germ segments removed thereby lessening the redeeming nutritional value.

  • Red meat is another food high in saturated fat. The Nurses’ Health Study shows that people who eat red meat most often double their risk for developing lung and colorectal cancer over those who eat red meat less often.

  • Your love of fried chicken, french fries and potato chips also takes years off your life. Deep-fried processed convenience and fast foods contain excess amounts of unhealthy trans fat. Diets high in trans fat are linked to an increased risk for coronary heart disease, and may increase the risk for cancer.

“One single food will not kill you, nor cure you!” Burke says. “Eating a hamburger occasionally will not necessarily contribute to heart disease, and if you’re a total vegan and eat no animal products at all, there are no guarantees that you will live longer.

“That said, yearly new research confirms the fact that populations who eat more plant foods, and less red meat and saturated fat live longer and suffer less from diseases including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Think of the modifications you can make in your diet.

“Can you remove skin from your poultry? Or switch to a broiled chicken breast with lettuce and tomato instead of a cheeseburger and fries? Or drink nonfat or 1% milk instead of whole milk? Make simple modifications that pay off in huge dividends, and enjoy a healthier life.”

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