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BODi Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset Programs

BODi fitness, nutrition and mindset programs and Polar heart rate monitors will optimize your physical and psychological health and training. BODi fitness programs are live and streaming workouts that are available on any device for less that $15.00 a month with the annual membership. Select from virtually every category of workout and duration or choose one of the BODi Blocks for 21 day workout plans. BODi nutrition programs include the Portion Fix, 2B Mindset and the 4 Week Gut Protocol. BODi mindset programs help you to create a lifestyle that you truly love. Polar heart rate monitors help you to track and maximize your training, recovery and sleep.

BODi Essentials Collection

BODi Fitness and Mindset Programs For Better Quality of Life

    BODi Fitness Live and On Demand at Home Workout Programs

BODi Streaming WorkoutsWhether you are streaming or pushing play with BODi workout programs at home means no trips to the gym. Use BODi to make fitness simple, accessible, and doable, no matter how busy your life gets. Just $14.95 a month with the Annual Membership for streaming access to every BODi workout, with fitness guides, calendars and nutrition plans included.

    BODi Total Solution Bundles That Will Save You $100's

Beachbody Total Solution Pack bundlesTotal Solution Pack fitness and nutrition bundles are a total solution. They will save you between $50.00 - $115.00 when you buy the bundle instead of buying each item separately. They are complete and custom designed to support your health and fitness journey and reach your goals faster. I suggest the Annual BODi and Shakeology Total Solution Pack. Click here to save $100.00 and try it risk free.

BODi Nutrition Programs That Will Nourish and Restore Your Body

    Eat Nutritiously Without Depriving Yourself with the 2B Mindset

The 2B MindsetThe 2B Mindset is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off for good - without ever depriving yourself, counting calories, or even having to exercise until you're ready. Click here to learn more about the 2B Mindset and to try it risk free

    Lose Weight Without the Guesswork with Portion Fix

The Ultimate Portion FixThe Ultimate Portion Fix is the expansion of one of the most successful weight-loss programs ever, with portion-control containers that take the guesswork and emotions out of eating perfectly sized meals. Click here to learn more about the Ultimate Portion Fix and to try it risk free.

    The Ultimate Reset 21 Day Detox and Restore

Beachbody Ultimate ResetThe The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day nutrition program that introduces you to the vegan diet and over 21 days, helps you to detox and restore your vitality. I followed The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, with detailed step-by-step instructions for 21 days and stuck to the complete three-phase Ultimate Reset meal plan. You can try it risk free by clicking here.

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BODi Bike Studio, Superfood Dense Shakeology and Polar Heart Rate Monitors

    BODi Bike Studio

MYX II Bike SaleThe professional-grade MYX II Bike is reliable, durable, and easy to adjust, so everyone has a comfortable, quality ride every time. Just swivel the sleek 21.5" HD touchscreen for seamless workouts on and off the bike. With the bike's Sony MegaPixel 8 camera, you'll be transported through the bike into a wide range of livestreamed classes with BODi. Feel the energy of group fitness that will keep you motivated and help you get results. Choose classes based on level, length, and type. Every workout features speed, cadence, distance, and heart rate metrics to optimize your workouts and track your progress. You can learn more about this CNET Wellness top rated bike by visiting MYX Fitness and you can save $400.00 with code BeachbodyMYX!

    Superfood Dense Shakeology

Superfood Dense ShakeologyShakeology provides foundational nutrition with prebiotics, probiotics, protein and superfoods that keep you healthy and strong . It can be used to supplement your diet or as a meal replacement if you are trying to lose weight. Shakeology comes with a 30 day bottom-of-the-bag risk free guarantee. Your best option when you order Shakeology is to order it on Home Direct so that you save about $12.00 on shipping. You can move your ship date, skip a month or cancel at any time easily online.

    Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Accessories

Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Accessories Since 1977, Polar watches, sensors and services for fitness, sport and health have improved millions of lives with unrivaled technology and data. Its late founder Seppo Säynäjäkangas was the inventor of the first wireless EKG heart rate monitor. Today, Polar has products ranging from basic models for beginners to fitness enthusiasts and training systems designed for elite athletes. I have been using Polar heart rate monitors and accessories exclusively since August 1986. To learn more about Polar and which Polar is right for you, go to Polar USA.

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Get Free Coaching With Howtobefit

    With The Free BODi Membership

With almost 40 years of coaching experience, you can connect with me to get help reaching your fitness, health, nutrition and positive lifestyle goals. Email me, WhatsApp me and find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Strava. Get tips and advice on everything from aerobic exercise to weight loss on my Coach Blog and daily updates in my Facebook Groups. To go straight to membership information, click here. For product information, click here. To join my team as a coach, click here. To see the products that I train with every day, click here.

Coach Rich DafterMake yourself and your health your number one priority with coaching that will provide you with guidance, accountability, motivation and support. You get free coaching from a full-time Team BODi coach with the free Team BODi membership, and as a BODi member. I am always available, so don't hesitate to reach out using this contact information. In addition, you can connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or use the Messenger button right now in the bottom right corner of the page.

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Join Our Team of Coaches

I have been a BODi coach since January 8th, 2007. You can learn more about my coaching resume by clicking here. In 2007, I was one of the very first BODi coaches. I was already a running coach and wanted the ability to coach more people online. Back then, as now, I just clicked on a link like this one. If you do the same, you will learn that it means earning an income while you help yourself and others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. You will find out that you will get a 25% discount on all of the BODi products that you buy. You will know that you have me as your business coach, proven leader and business builder.

When you sign up today, you'll get a Digital Business Starter Kit with everything you need to hit the ground running: the Digital Coach Welcome Book, 30-day access to your online Coach Office, and key support tools to effectively market and manage your business—all for $39.95.

After you set up your account you'll have a chance to buy a Total Solution Pack, BODi's all-in-one bundle of fitness, nutrition, and support. My most successful Coaches start with a Nutrition Solution Pack or Performance Pack and when you do, BODi will waive your initial $39.95 fee when you buy one.

The $39.95 coach fee comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. After 30 days, you'll automatically be billed $15.95 per month to the credit card you provide to continue your Coach business. If you decide that BODi isn't for you, no worries. Just call BODi Support anytime at 1 (800) 240-0913 to cancel and avoid future charges.

I have made a career of being a BODi Coach and hope that you will learn more about the opportunity. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Become a BODi Coach
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Learn About the Products That I Use to Stay Fit and Healthy

Polar Vantage V2 Gym vs Beachbody On Demand Comparison
The Polar Vantage V2 is engineered to enable athletes of all levels to exceed every expectation. It is built on decades of scientific research to create Polar's most formidable sportswatch to date. I have been exclusively training with Polar for 36 years. Learn more I use BODi for all of my strength workouts. It has 75+ fitness & meditation programs and 1,500 workouts, plus nutrition plans, recipes, and community support. There is a program and schedule for every body. Learn more
Superfood Dense Shakeology Beachbody Performance Energize
I get all of the high-quality super foods that I need to help nourish my body in this delicious, convenient Shakeology shake which I have been drinking for 13 years. Because I am a no meat athlete, I drink Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology. Learn more I get through my toughest workouts with the energy that I get from Pre-Workout Energize. I drink Energize every day even if I am not working out to give me energy and to help me sharpen my focus. Learn more.
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BODi Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset

Disclaimer: BODi® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the BODi Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See the US Statement of Independent Coach Earnings.

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