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Team Beachbody Club Member Success Stories

With the Team Beachbody™ Club, you can lose more weight and win prizes for your transformation. These Team Beachbody Club members are success stories because the benefits of the Team Beachbody™ Club include:

  • Personalized Meal Plan - Easy-to-follow meal plan customized just for you! Team Beachbody Club members get detailed shopping lists and are shown the right foods to eat in the right portions, so there's no guesswork... Adopting the right diet and sticking with it is one of the secrets to a fast and long-lasting transformation!
  • Live Access to Diet and Fitness Experts - All Team Beachbody Club members enjoy 24/7 access to Team Beachbody fitness and diet experts who want you to succeed! These experts will motivate you every step of the way, answer all your questions, and share their secrets for success in weekly scheduled VIP Chats.
  • A Personal Coach - All of these Team Beachbody Club members were assigned a personal Coach that helped them get the most out of their Team Beachbody experience. Their Coach showed them how to use the online tools, and introduced them to the amazing online community committed to helping them succeed!
  • Team Beachbody Club Success Story Prizes - As you will see, all of these Team Beachbody Club members submitted their success stories and became one of eight monthly winners of up to $10,000,

To learn more about the Team Beachbody Club or to join the Club, click here!

Linda M. Back in world class shape and a $1,000.00 richer

After retiring from the world of competitive cycling, Linda gained weight and grew ashamed. Now she's conquered adversity, back in shape, and she's ready to take on the world again!

Linda's Workout Programs
Slim In Six Hip Hop Abs
Slim In Six Hip Hop Abs
Power 90 In Home Boot Camp  
Power 90  

Dixon M. Was too fat to float, but now he is $1,000.00 richer

Dixon was always bigger but it wasn't until he went snorkeling and was out of breath just floating that the realized he was overweight. He started a routine and started losing weight.

Dixon's Workout Programs
Power 90 In Home Boot Camp Hip Hop Abs
Power 90 Hip Hop Abs

Scott S. Set new life goals despite obstacles and won $1,000.00

Scott was diagnosed with lupus. The medicines made him gain weight. But with regular exercise Scott soon realized he was feeling better and getting off some of the medications.

Scott's Workout Program
Power 90 In Home Boot Camp
Power 90

Lee R. - Got the body that she always wanted and won $1,000.00

Everyday life kept Lee from taking off extra pregnancy weight, but then she found Power 90 and created a workout routine that worked for her schedule and gave her the body she wanted.

Lee's Workout Programs
Power 90 In Home Boot Camp P90X Complete Training System
Power 90 P90X

David K. - A whole new person at a new weight and he won $10,000.00

At 360 pounds, David was convinced that he'd never lose the weight. Yet he never let the challenges of weight loss get him down and now he's a whole new person with a whole new life.

David's Workout Programs
Power 90 In Home Boot Camp P90X Complete Training System
Power 90 P90X

Scott S. - Love was his motivation to lose 71 pounds and he won $10,000

Daily stress and a tough college load led Scott to turn to comfort food. He became motivated to get in shape in anticipation of the happiest day of his life: his wedding.

Scott's Workout Programs
P90X Complete Training System Turbo Jam Maximum Results
P90X Turbo Jam

Susan M. - At 61 Susan is an athlete again and won $1,000!

Being a busy mother, Susan ignored the weight she was putting on throughout the years. With the help of Turbo Jam and her renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle she lost 63 pounds. At 61 Susan is an athlete again!

Susan's Workout Program
Turbo Jam Maximum Results
Turbo Jam

Jimmy N. -Jimmy is no longer the Funny Fat Kid and won $1,000

He used humor to deal with his weight problems in high school. When he was cast in a very physical Off-Broadway musical, he used P90X to get into the shape needed for the role.

Jimmy's Workout Programs
P90X Complete Training System Power 90 In Home Boot Camp
P90X Power 90

Jerry D. - Obtained a level of fitness he never had and won $1,000

When his son told him he had a big belly, Jerry realized it was time to get in shape. He dedicated himself to P90X and lost 25 lbs. in only 90 days!

Jerry's Workout Program
P90X Complete Training System

Anne D. - Found she enjoyed working out and won $1,000

Anne began accepting that she was getting old - but she was only 36! She didn't know how young she was until she found new strength in herself.

Anne's Workout Programs
P90X Complete Training System Hip Hop Abs
P90X Hip Hop Abs

For a Complete List of Team Beachbody Programs and Products, click here

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