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Benefits of Using A Polar Heart Rate Monitor

From the Polar Global Blog

When you work out, you want to make sure that you do it correctly. Whether your goal is to burn calories, get fitter or win a race Polar helps you to find the right pace and to train at the right intensity. A Polar heart monitor is like having a personal trainer on your wrist that is with you and guides you every step of the way. Determine your current fitness level with the Polar Fitness Test and motivate yourself when you see the positive feedback from improvements in your VO2max. Know your calories burned, as you burn them, with the Polar OwnCal Feature which counts and displays calorie expenditure for weight management. Train at the correct intensity on any given day with the Polar OwnZone Feature which determines personal heart rate limits for an exercise session

Heart rate monitors are for anyone exercising with a goal in mind.

Such as those individuals who are:
o Interested in heart health
o Interested in losing weight
o Striving for better conditioning
o Rehabbing from an injury
o Training to compete

Heart rate monitors are for everyone!

A Polar heart rate monitor will help everyone exercise effectively,
stay motivated and get results.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that for heart health, heart rate be monitored during all exercise to determine the appropriate amount of exertion for each individual. A heart rate monitor is a powerful tool for making heart health exercise activities more effective and time efficient, safer and equally as important, much more fun. A heart rate monitor is not just for structured exercise and can help turn any activity into a workout.

Cycling X-Country Skiing Walking
Running In-line Skating Cardiac Rehab
Swimming Snow Shoeing Hiking
Mountain Biking Kayaking Treadmill
Spinning Canoeing Kick Boxing
Health club classes Elliptical Climbing

…Otherwise any activity that you move your body!

Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Motivation

Statistics show that over seventy percent of the people who start an exercise program will quit within the first six months - and many within the first few weeks. What makes it so hard for individuals to stick with an exercise program? Why do they give up so quickly? One of the primary factors affecting adherence to exercise is a loss of motivation.

Most people start an exercise program with a specific goal or need in mind that becomes the driving force or motivation behind their desire to exercise. However, many individuals run into common obstacles that cause them to lose sight of these goals and begin to lose their motivation to keep going.

Fortunately, a heart rate monitor can provide the solution to many of the obstacles that stand in the way of success in an exercise program.

A Heart Rate Monitor Keeps You in Your Zone

If you want to reach your exercise goals, it's important to stay in your target heart rate zone during workouts. A heart rate monitor is your constant reminder of the intensity and quality of each workout session. Nothing keeps you in your zone more accurately than a Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

A Heart Rate Monitor Shows Your Progress

It takes four to six weeks of consistent exercise before you begin to see any external changes to your body. Although you can't see them, internal improvements begin to take place immediately. Your heart rate is efficiency rating for your entire body. As your fitness level improves, your heart rate improves along with it. A heart rate monitor gives you a physiological window into your body's response to the daily improvements in your physical health.

A Heart Rate Monitor Eliminates Frustration

If your heart rate is too low during exercise your body reaps little or no benefits. This means you're not likely to see the results you want, like weight loss or increased endurance. If your heart rate is too high during exercise you may tire too quickly and become frustrated, or even run the risk of injury. In either case, you're likely to quit exercising because you're not getting the results you want or because it's simply too difficult. A heart rate monitor keeps you exercising by showing you results that you otherwise would not see.

A Heart Rate Monitor Keeps You Safe

Exercising too hard can put you at risk for injury. A heart rate monitor reminds you of the safe and effective heart rate intensity in which you should exercise and warns you when you leave that safety zone.

A Heart Rate Monitor Gives You Accurate Feedback

Polar Heart Rate Monitors are 99% EKG accurate so you know exactly what your level of exercise intensity is during workouts. Pulsemeters have a high margin for error and manual pulse measurements during exercise can result in errors as high as plus or minus 15 beats per minute - with the risk of potential error increasing as heart rate increases.

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