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Whoever Invented Excuses Must be a Zillionaire!

Actually, I don't know how you can capitalize on someone else's excuses but I am sure that some entrepreneurs make a fortune counting on people making excuses not to do what they need to do and companies make tons of money because we make excuses all the time. I know that the healthcare crisis fueled by excuses will bankrupt this country (and make us look pretty awful in the eyes of the rest of the world), but that's a whole other story...

Since I'm a Team Beachbody Coach, I just wonder why so many excuses are keeping people from entering the door on the left and be able to come out the door on the right - guaranteed. Beachbody workout programs come with a guarantee. Shakeology has a bottom of the bag guarantee. The Ultimate Reset is guaranteed to improve your health. The Team Beachbody Club membership is "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" and even the coaching and Coach Discount Program comes with the same guarantee (besides being guaranteed that you will save 25% on every Beachbody purchase you make...).

Guaranteed Results!

But enough preaching to the choir. You all know, if you are my Team Beachbody members and recipients of my emails, what is possible and what people who stopped making excuses for being too out of shape, too overweight, not having enough time, too old, etc. have been able to accomplish. I don't need to rub it in.

True or False

You can save $22.00 a month on Chocolate and Greenberry Shakeology if you order it between now and the end of March.

You can get P90X or P90X2 for just $60.00 when you order the P90X or P90X2 Challenge Pack

You can get TurboFire for just $60.00 when you order the TurboFire Challenge Pack.

You save 10% on every Beachbody purchase you make if you are a Team Beachbody Club member.

You save 25% on every Beachbody purchase you make if you are signed up for the Coach Discount Program.

You can win $500.00 in The Beachbody Challenge Daily Prize Success Story Contest just by entering the contest for free and submitting your results to Team Beachbody.

For the answers to these questions, go to Team Beachbody!

Time to work out. No more excuses. I'm on Day 13 of Chalean Extreme. Anyone want to join me in the SuperGym?

Thanks for reading the newsletter and have a truly blessed day!

Do Everything for His Glory,

Rich Dafter
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You, too, can step up and dare to be different. What are your strengths that you haven't used because you've been staying in your comfort zone too long? Below is the second message in the I Dare series at Calvary of Albuquerque if you would like some motivation to step up...

"Step Up" from the I Dare You Series at Calvary Albuquerque

Any crisis we face is a test. How will we respond? What actions will we take? What will our faith in God mean to us and to others in that moment of crisis? Daniel and his friends faced their moment of crisis when the King of Babylon's insomnia became their worst nightmare. As they faced the possibility of their own death, they used the situation to display their life-giving faith. Let's consider how we can step up to life's difficulties and use them as spiritual opportunities.

I Dare You To Step Up

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How you spend the next 30 days is your choice...

Plan Your Success

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