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What A Brilliant Idea!

Beachbody paid out $208,0000.00 last year in Daily SuperGym Sweepstakes prizes alone and we were all richer because of it. We may not have won or we may have won more than once, but that incentive was one of the reasons that a lot of people logged into the SuperGym and did their workouts and got into the best shape of their lives - and that helped all of us.

A week from today, though, that will change. I used to say that the Daily SuperGym Sweepstakes was like getting a lottery ticket for free just for working out and you had a chance every day to win $500.00. It was a game of chance and you could see who was lucky enough to win. After next week, the $500.00 incentive will still be there every day, but the rules will change for the better!

Before and After

This is what the winners page looks like now...

Team Beachbody Daily Sweepstakes Winners

What will it look like next week? I don't know, but I do know that I am going to keep creating my workout plan for the week by scheduling the workouts in the SuperGym and keep on logging into the SuperGym every day. What I am also going to do is to write down my success story so far and have it ready to submit. I don't know what all of the rules are now, but this is what I do know from Team Beachbody:

New Beachbody Challenge Daily Contest

"Say g'bye to a classic. This is the LAST FULL WEEK of our $500 Daily SuperGym Contest! Starting next Tuesday, September 4th, we're introducing a new (and improved) $500 Beachbody Challenge Daily Contest.

What's the difference? No more random winners. With the new contest, our expert panel of Beachbody Challenge judges will select an "inspirational story of the day" to win the $500. Real people. Real results. Real winners. How awesome is that?

What does it mean for you? The new contest gives you more incentive to submit your results and those results are not just big weight loss or big muscles, they are also stories that inspire others.

What should you do? Get ready to submit your results, no matter how far into your transformation you may be. The new contest allows for folks of all walks (and successes) to win cash and enter the spotlight for their hard work, inspiring thousands of others just by reaching their own goals. And you'll help keep them motivated and on track!"

Yes, all of you will help motivate others to stay on track and reach their goals. Team Beachbody needs 365 success stories and I want you to be one of them. Everyone has an inspirational story, so write yours and get ready to submit it and let's start winning cash along with having changed our lives for the better with regular exercise, good nutrition and making positive lifestyle choices!

Thanks for reading the newsletter and have a truly blessed day!


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