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This morning I posted in one of my Facebook groups and the message was simple, "I lost control of my destiny because of the negative and toxic in my life and as Les Brown says, I was controlled by my circumstances."

On Tuesday, I completed the 21 days of the Ultimate Reset and truly got amazing results. Since I continue to get results, today is Day 25 of being able to have a normal life again. I want to share the post here and then go on to suggest options for your life to change.

"Good morning everyone! It's good to feel normal sore and tired and to be able to plan ahead and do the things that I need and want to do each day. I just went through, or perhaps put myself through, a year of health challenges almost entirely as a consequence of stress. I lost control of my destiny because of the negative and toxic in my life and as Les Brown says, I was controlled by my circumstances. It was a double whammy of wanting to get out of the mire but not being able to because I felt so sick and tired all the time.

Sharon, you asked about the coaching opportunity and my answer is that it has become the greatest blessing of my life next to Grace and Carly. All the self help books, audios and videos in the world aren't going to do you any good if you don't go after them and apply them to your life. When you become a "coach" you take on a responsibility to yourself and to others to be accountable in your life to be the best that you can be and to raise up other people with you by helping them to bring out the best in themselves and to be the best that they can be. Helping people to get fit is only a small part of what we have the obligation to do because of the change that we must bring into our lives and into the lives of others.

If all of you could find 15:00 at some point today to listen to this Les Brown audio, you will understand what I am talking about. He was born on the floor of an abandoned building in the Liberty City section of Miami Beach and raised by his adoptive mother (his twin and five other adopted children) from the age of 6 weeks. Follow the link to listen to Les Brown on Staying Focused."

A lot of people say that they can't be a coach because they aren't in shape or they don't know enough about fitness and health or they just don't have the time, money or energy.

Becoming a coach means committing to creating the best person that you can be and living the best life you can live. Les Brown did it, Napoleon Hill did it, Jim Rohn did it, Brian Tracy did it and so many more. How do I know? Because part of the resources that we are given as a coach is full access to SUCCESS Magazine On Demand. Since the middle of April, when Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS made his magazine available to us, I have listened to or watched 92 audios or videos. Because of that I have grown exponentially in my own personal development.

What if you could "radically" change your life, as Les Brown says in the audio above, for just $15.95 a month? Would you do it? I have built a life and a future around it and it keeps getting better every day.

Team Beachbody has become Beachbody World to me because I took responsibility for my life and committed to making it better and showing others how to do the same. I got fitter, I got healthier, I grew as a person and frankly, I got wealthier not just financially but from the true wealth that comes from helping other people achieve their goals and better their lives.

Below I have included a link to a 6 part Les Brown talk. Watch some of it or watch all of it. When you hear his story you will never again complain about your life and think about all of the excuses why you can't do better in life.

If you are ready to commit to change then I challenge you to make that change. As I said above, it has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. As Les Brown says in the audio, "Who am I not to be willing to introduce people to an opportunity to make a difference in their lives..."

Here is that opportunity to make a difference in your life and in the life of countless others - The Team Beachbody Opportunity.

Watch Les Brown

Click on the image to listen to Les Brown

Thanks for reading the newsletter and have a truly blessed day!


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