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Yesterday, I went to a presentation about what the next three months are going to look like in terms of new health initiatives from Beachbody Product Development and the Team Beachbody Coach opportunity. It was a gathering of New Mexico coaches at the University of New Mexico and it was very well attended. Before the presentation a few of the coaches shared their success stories and Christine Robertson's brought tears to everyone's eyes.

She is one of the newer coaches and when she came up to say a few words, not knowing her, I didn't know what she was going to say. She started by saying, "In 2007, I was diagnosed with MS and put in a wheelchair..." She gave credit to Shakeology for getting her off of the $1,500.00 a month worth of medications that she was taking for the MS and for helping her to lose all of the weight that she had gained from being in the wheelchair. She is now vibrant, passionate, bouncy and a Zumba instructor and, of course, no longer in a wheelchair . Her friends and fellow coaches were there and she was for real. I was blown away. I saw living proof of the benefits of Shakeology. Will Shakeology do that for everyone who is diagnosed with MS? Probably not, but no one will know what Shakeology can do for them unless they try it.

What Can Shakeology Do For You?

What Can Shakeology Do For You?

To learn more about Shakeology, click here

Making People in this Country Healthier is Everyone's Business

Carl Daikeler was asked recently how he deals with the competition. His answer, "Simple: I don’t deal with the competition. I focus intensely on executing what I know to be the only way to end the trend of obesity with truly healthy options.

I BELIEVE so deeply in what we do, how we do it, and what we represent as a company, that I don’t have the bandwidth to look around. Anyone who asks me how we compare to a competitor can see instantly in my eyes that I have absolutely no doubt that we offer the best fitness solutions, the most nutrient dense nutrition, the most positive and robust peer support to get real, lasting results.

There’s too much opportunity. What I look at is the needs of the coach and customer, and bust my ass to meet those needs today better than I did yesterday.

I hustle to reach more people, create a more compelling experience, and do it with integrity.

Nobody in the world is doing what we do. And nobody in the world is doing it with the same fierce commitment to real healthy, life-enhancing results. There’s a lot of stuff on TV which competes with us. There are other networks promising weight loss solutions. There has been and always will be competition. Our job is just to constantly improve, and make as great an experience as possible for anyone and everyone who recognizes the originality and unparalleled quality of what we are doing.

I serve the customer, I serve the coach, and do my best to make it a great place to work for our Dudes. And by focusing on those activities, I don’t have to deal with the competition, the competition has to deal with us."

The Ultimate Reset for Ultimate Health

Much of the presentation yesterday was about Ultimate Reset, the revolutionary 21 day detoxifying cleanse. If you've been feeling tired, run down, or just plain lousy lately. If you're having trouble with your digestion or difficulty losing weight. If your body just isn't working the way you want it to, then the solution may be simpler than you think. The solution may be an Ultimate Reset™. Watch the video below to learn more about what an Ultimate Reset can do for you. Help your body get better and regain its vitality.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

To learn more about Beachbody Ultimate Reset, click here.


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