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I'm your Team Beachbody Coach. I don't sell Beachbody products, I use Beachbody products and let you know how they work for me. The choice is up to you whether you want to use them, too, based on my experiences.

Shakeology has been a life saver and life changer for me. I don't go a day without drinking it or using it to replace a meal when I am rushed. I love Chocolate and like Greenberry.

Why don't I love the new Tropical Shakeology that went on sale for Valentine's Day? Because, just like everyone else, I placed an order, it will ship tomorrow and I will have it Friday or Saturday. That is when you will know whether I love it or like it or I am getting a bottom of the bag full refund.

In the meantime, I can give you just the facts. Click on the image below and it will take you to the Tropical Shakeology full ingredients list. Seeing how good those ingredients are would probably mean that no matter how it tastes, I should drink it. But with the guy who hates to eat vegetables as the chief taste tester, my money is on Carl Daikeler not selling a product unless it tastes great.

To learn more about the new vegan Tropical Shakeology, just visit your Team Beachbody store!

Tropical Shakeology Ingredients

Team Freedom Challenge To Change


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