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How Bad Do You Want It?

Many years ago, I lived and worked in Guatemala. At the time, I owned and operated a woodworking business. One of my customers was a guy by the name of Danny Owens and he owned Danny's Pancake Shop. I did some work for him and when it came time to pay, he said, "Well, why don't you just eat my pancakes until my bill is paid." Needless to say, I had pancakes every morning for a very long time.

I met a small group of other American businessmen at the same time each day at Danny's Pancakes and we developed a friendship over the years. One of those men was Bob Merrick. He told us about how when he was growing up in Missouri, the poor people used to call his family poor and how when he was 18, he become fond of a young woman who wasn't interested in him because he was too poor.

When I met Bob, he owned five businesses in Guatemala and he told us about how when he flew to San Francisco, Bank of America would send a limo to the airport to pick him up. He was probably around 50 at the time and he told us how every year, he still sent that woman a statement of his net worth...

My good friend and fellow Team Beachbody Coach Cale Dansbee is another example of someone driven to want it badly. He grew up in the marshes of southern Louisiana, attending no fewer than 16 public schools as his family moved to find work. He strove to escape that world and in the process, earned a Purple Heart in the Air Force, became a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur and now, most recently, has joined an elite group of Team Beachbody coaches with his TOPSTONE human energy company. He went after what he wanted to achieve in life.

Another individual that had "determined natural ambition" is Craig Holiday. He writes that, "Living in the projects in Culver City, California, I was a fat kid. At only 12 years of age and 5 feet tall, I weighed about 180 pounds. I used to sit in a closet and feel miserable about my situation." He says that, "even during the terrible times, there was an inner conviction that told me I was going to do something great with my life. Without money, without any worldly goods, I held onto the belief that if I could I could accomplish remarkable things—and bring people with me". He, too, is now a highly successful businessman and much sought after motivational speaker.

Eric Thomas is no stranger to the ills that plague our communities as he was born in Chicago, IL and raised on the streets of Detroit, MI. His childhood and adolescent years were difficult, and his life struggles and personal identity issues were intensified because like so many, he did not establish a relationship with his biological father until his early thirties.

At the age of 16, defiant and hardheaded, Eric decided to leave home and drop out of school, choosing to live on the streets of Detroit. By divine intervention at age 17, Eric met a pastor who saw him a young man with tremendous unrealized potential. As a result, their mentoring relationship was born which led Eric to complete his GED and to prepare for college.

While in college, Eric started Break The Cycle I Dare You, (BTC) a non profit youth development and special event organization that focuses on developing programs for youth who have made bad choices and most often have had family, social, and academic struggles along with the lack of a father figure in their lives.

Eric is now referred to as The Hip Hop Preacher and he is a youth activist, speaker, author and motivator. Click on the image below to listen as Eric talks about wanting success as badly as you want to breath.

How bad do you want it?

In closing...

How badly do you want it? Do you have the "determined natural ambition" to achieve your goals? Start wanting it more than you have ever wanted it and you, too, will achieve great things.

Team Freedom Challenge To Change


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