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Fitness Nutrition Programs

Food is essential to fuel your body's needs. Optimum nutrition will give you the quality of life that you were intended to have. To achieve an ideal weight that will not put undue stress on your heart and lungs and muscles and joints nor be a contributing factor to heightened health risks from illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, you must focus on your diet and nutrition.

Which Program Is Right For You?

From the Atkins-5 Weeks to a Better Body to Weight Watchers Online, there is a plan that will be the diet and nutrition program that is best suited for you. What you weigh is the result of a number of factors. These include how much and what kinds of food you eat, whether your lifestyle includes regular physical activity and whether you use food to respond to stress and other situations in your life, among others. Successful nutrition programs and weight management should address all of these factors. Visit the nutrition programs below to determine which one is best for your particular health, lifestyle and personality needs.

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Health Nutrition Program Details
120x90_atkins Atkins-5 Weeks to a Better Body - The Atkins Nutritional Approach can stabilize your blood sugar, lower cholesterol and triglycerides and address many other obesity-related medical conditions. Unlike other weight loss programs, Atkins allows you to eat satisfying amounts of delicious, nutrient dense foods -- and customize the program to your needs and tastes.
Bill Phillips' Eating For Life Plan Bill Phillips' Eating for Life Plan - The Bill Phillips' Eating for Life plan is based on four primary ingredients: the Right Foods, the Right Amounts, the Right Combos and the Right Times. When you combine these four ingredients you will have the Right Recipe to feed your body in a balanced, healthy, satisfying and effective way. You'll be able to gain energy, build strength, look and feel younger and reduce bodyfat.
The Blood Type Nutrition Program The Blood Type Diet® - Based on the New York Times bestseller, Eat Right 4 Your Type, The Blood Type Diet offers a specific diet plan for each of the four blood types that may help weight management and general well-being. Why Choose This Diet? This personalized plan provides a food guide and tools that may help you to: · Maintain ideal weight · Improve general well-being · Increase energy · Learn what foods will help you manage your weight
eDiets Nutrition Programs Cholesterol-Lowering Diet - What better way to lower your cholesterol than by eliminating the bad fats and embracing the good fats found in avocados, nuts, fish and other foods? The plan is to get your LDL (bad cholesterol) down and your HDL (good cholesterol) up. By adding nutritiously-sound foods to your meal plan, you'll accomplish this and so much more.
Find Your Diet Personality Diet Personality - "Trying to lose weight without knowing your diet personality is like treating hypertension without having first checked your blood pressure." - Dr. Robert Kushner. Take Dr. Kushner's quick Diet Personality quiz FREE! Get your MD-certified Diet Personality results! Discover your Eating, Exercise, and Coping Personalities and begin your weight loss success!
eDiets Nutrition Programs Low-Fat Diet - Not only is excess fat associated with weight gain, it can cause indigestion, reflux (when stomach contents flow back from the stomach into the mouth) and high cholesterol. The Low-Fat Meal Plan does double-duty, helping you to improve your overall health and shed those extra pounds.
eDiets Nutrition Programs The Glycemic Impact Diet - Helps slow digestion and slow absorption. Sustains energy with no blood sugar swings and no carbohydrate cravings
eDiets Nutrition Programs High-Fiber Diet - Our high-fiber plan will fill you up without filling you out. There's no denying the favorable effects of fiber. It stabilizes blood sugar, lowers your cancer risk and controls your appetite. The eDiets High-Fiber plan goes beyond eating oatmeal or other bulky grains. Introduce your body to fiber-rich foods that will help you lose weight while boosting your health power.
eDiets Nutrition Programs Hypoglycemia/Low Sugar Diet - Are you constantly coping with sugar highs and lows? Do you suffer from uncontrollable cravings, shakes and/or dizzy spells? Get your blood sugars in check. Reduce the mood swings, hunger pains and other uncomfortable side effects by following a well-balanced meal plan with all the right foods.
eDiets Nutrition Programs Lactose-Free Diet - It doesn't matter if you're lactose intolerant or simply want to eliminate dairy products from your diet -- eDiets ensures that you won't be short on calcium or other nutrients found in dairy foods. We compensate with healthy foods and great-tasting meals that will make it so you never miss milk, cheese or any other products that no longer have a place in your life.
eDiets Nutrition Programs Low-Sodium Diet - Did you know that one bowl of soup can contain an entire day's worth of sodium? The American diet is a minefield of salt, and the Low-Sodium Diet, which limits sodium to 2,400 milligrams per day, is just what the doctor ordered! We rely on fresh herbs, spices and other heart-smart products to do the job of salt.
The Mediterranean Diet - Reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers your cholesterol and can promote increased longevity and lower cholesterol
Click Here! The South Beach Diet™ - Do you suffer from carb cravings, hunger, and extra pounds? Get ready to start eating in a way that will actually change how your body produces fat – while still eating delicious everyday foods. The South Beach Diet™ teaches you to change the balance of food you eat to emphasize health and weight-loss! You'll do away with bad carbs and bad fats, and start eating good fats and good carbs.
eDiets Nutrition Programs Healthy Soy Diet - It's being touted as the health food of the decade. We're talking about soy, a protein-packed food that can do the job of meat or dairy depending on what you want. By substituting soy for some of your animal-based meals, you'll reduce your risk for heart disease.
Trim Kids Nutrition Program Trim Kids™ - is the clinically-proven 12-week plan that has helped thousands of children achieve a healthier weight. Anette H. says, "My son, at age 11, weighed 212 pounds. Today, so far, he weighs 160 pounds and has grown more than 3 inches in height. I have lost 45 pounds myself! This program is phenomenal!"
eDiets Nutrition Programs Vegetarian Diet - The Vegetarian Diet provides a delicious array of plant-based, natural foods. Modify this diet to suit a vegan or lacto-ovo vegetarian lifestyle. If you're a semi-vegetarian who eats fish, chicken or meat occasionally, you can do that too! You'll scale back on animal products and saturated fat, while loading up on the protective nutrients found in plant-based foods.
Introducing NEW Weight Watchers TurnAround Weight Watchers Online - For over 40 years, Weight Watchers has helped millions of people around the world to lose weight! Losing weight in the real world is even easier with TurnAround. Weight Watchers Online has all the information and resources you need. Weight Watchers eTools - the Internet weight-loss companion for Weight Watchers Meeting members

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