Let’s Join Our Journeys

I would like to invite you to join our journeys sp that I have the opportunity to learn about your health and fitness journey. This isn’t something that you need to sign up for but rather an invitation to follow each other.

As a Polar Global Ambassador, I use Polar Flow to record all of my workouts and you can follow them there.

I have been using Strava for a few years and all of my workouts are synced to it from Flow. It is my primary journal of my running and Beachbody strength training workouts. You can follow me by clicking here and I will follow you back.

My running Instagram account has a long way to go, but I try to post on it every day. You can follow me there by clicking on this Instagram link.

I have had a Howtobefit Twitter account for about 12 years, so I do have a lot of tweets on it. You can follow me there by clicking on this Twitter link.

My Facebook page is where I share a lot of health and fitness and Team Beachbody offers. If you follow me there, I will follow your Facebook page if you have one.

Let's Join Our Journeys