Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

BODi LAVA – Own It for Just $59.95!

You can own BODi LAVA for just $59.95 with no BODi subscription necessary. It is a nonstop fusion of power yoga, primal movement, and bodyweight strength training that requires no equipment. BODi LAVA is available to download here for $59.95 and you can stream it on any device.

The BODi LAVA Sample Workout is Now Available

Just go to BODi LAVA Start Here in the BODi Library and do the Sample Workout now!

BODi LAVA - Own it for $59.95

Short on time but still expect fast results? BODi LAVA is your 20-minute solution.

Super Trainer Elise Joan is bringing the heat and intensity in her most cutting-edge program yet. You get strength building, calorie-burning cardio, flexibility, agility, and mobility — all without heavy weights or hour-long workouts.

What Is BODi LAVA?

It’s a nonstop fusion of power yoga, primal movement, and bodyweight strength training that requires no equipment. Elise challenges you to the core (literally) with every low-impact, fat-scorching workout. The sweat doesn’t stop for 20 straight minutes. And neither does the burn.

You’ll work out 5 days a week, 20 minutes a day, for 6 weeks. Elise keeps you progressing by increasing the complexity week to week and introduces new moves so you keep pushing your limits to get strong, visible results. This is a fiery, unconventional approach to forging a rock-solid body that moves with ease in all parts of your life.


How is BODi LAVA different from what you’d expect?

You don’t need to find 60 to 90 minutes for classes and get frustrated holding complicated, static poses. With BODi LAVA, Elise fuses power yoga with primal movements to focus on control, core strength, and agility. No frills and no fluff. Just nonstop movement that challenges every muscle and shapes your body without equipment, and without spending hundreds of dollars on yoga classes.

Best of all, BODi LAVA works your body in all planes of motion for dramatic improvements in flexibility and joint mobility. You won’t just get strong, you’ll perform better with less risk of injury in your other workouts. That’s a big deal, especially if you’re a heavy lifter!

BODi LAVA is the perfect blend of strength, stamina, flexibility, and fire — for your body AND your mind.

How has power yoga shaped Elise? Why is it so important to her?

BODi LAVA | Elise Joan

Yoga was Elise’s first fitness certification more than 20 years ago and an early passion. She deeply felt the transformative power of linking breathwork, mindset, and physical movement.

“I felt like I was healing myself from the inside out as I got stronger and more unstoppable with each practice,” she says.

She knew she wanted to help others explore their physical capabilities while de-stressing the mind, opening the heart, and strengthening the body. And the benefits are still paying off.

“Doing this type of mind/body training consistently has helped optimize my body in ways I didn’t think possible as I approach 50 years old.”

Now Elise is excited to pour her extensive knowledge and years of teaching experience into this incredibly dynamic program. Not only will you crush your fitness goals, you’ll feel empowered, confident, and strong!

Who is Elise Joan?

Super Trainer Elise Joan is the creator of the innovative fitness programs Barre BlendPre and Post Natal Barre Blend, and FIRE AND FLOW. Her passion is to engineer your optimal body and awaken your power. In addition to being certified in the Science of Well-Being through Yale University, Elise is a sought-after longevity expert who focuses on mental health and internal wellness, along with the physical results she’s known for.

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