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Celebrate Freedom Every Day

Celebrate Freedom

Celebrate freedom every day. Whatever that is to you and whatever it looks like, be thankful for your independence. It could be free from drugs or alcohol. It could be freedom from food addiction. It could be free from a toxic relationship. It could be free from worry. Whatever you need to be free from, free yourself and celebrate your freedom every day.

Why I Celebrate Freedom Every Day

On May 17h, 1985, I had a bad car accident and I dealt with first medical and dental issues for three years and then the after effects of taking antibiotics that whole time. I celebrate my freedom from that accident with the good health that I have now.

I celebrate my freedom from an abusive relationship that left me financially strapped. But I have been a single dad for 8 years and raise both of our teenage daughters and little by little, I am getting us out of debt and back on the track to financial freedom.

Starting more often in 2017, I had issues with low heart rate and blacking out. It became a real issue in 2021 and I had a pacemaker implanted. For the past two years I have been free from those blackouts thanks to the pacemaker.

On this 4th of July we can all celebrate our independence from something or the journey that we are on to achieve that independence. What has gotten me through most of the challenges that I faced is being part of an opportunity to work from home. On January 8th, 2007, I became a Beachbody Coach and now with the rebranding which I think is a fantastic idea, I am a BODi Partner.

As we celebrate Independence Day today I am celebrating my choice to make my own path to independence. I made that choice over 16 years ago when I decided to work with a company that wanted to help people have better quality of life through regular exercise, sensible eating, and making positive lifestyle choices. That company is still around and better than ever. Go to my website – – and click on the link to Join the BODi Team. I did and it has given me 16 years of freedom.


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