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Beachbody Performance Energize – How I Use It

Beachbody Performance Energize provides the safe and effective ingredients that I need to accomplish my workout goals for the day. For years, I used P90X Energy and Endurance and loved it.  But as sports performance science improved, so did Beachbody products.  We now have a complete line of Beachbody performance products and I am currently using a Beachbody Performance Energize and Creatinestack” every day.

How I use Energize is my individual preference.  I often drink it before my workout, but not always.  Sometimes, if I am doing a workout under 30:00 on a recovery day and know that I need a lot of focus and energy for the rest of the day, I will actually mix it for my work day and not my work out.

Either way, Beachbody Performance Energize provides the safe and effective ingredients that I need to accomplish my goals for the day.  You can learn more about it in the images below or by clicking here.




“Rooted in cutting-edge sports science, exercise physiology, and nutrition research, Beachbody Performance supplements feature key ingredients that are supported by the latest peer-reviewed science, athlete input, and top players in the field of exercise physiology and nutrition. The development team is led by Dr. Nima Alamdari, Ph.D., a Harvard-trained exercise physiology/ nutrition scientist and Beachbody’s Director of Scientific Affairs. The team’s work was rigorously reviewed by key members of Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board, including Dr. Marcus Elliott, MD, a Harvard trained physician and founder of the world’s leading athlete performance training center Peak Performance Project (P3), and Dr. Francis Stephens, Ph.D., a world leader in exercise physiology and performance nutrition research. Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board comprises top international authorities in fitness, nutrition, botanical science, herbal integrated medicine, and product safety.”

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