The Wedge of Discouragement

I became discouraged this week. After spending more than half of my lifetime promoting the benefits of health and fitness, I find myself struggling with unprecedented challenges and the wedge of discouragement. Just as Satan told Job that when tested, his faith would waiver, so am I being tested.   Detractors have said that I can’t make any money doing what I’m doing and I can’t disprove them. But it isn’t because of what I do or how I do it, it is because the very people that I am trying to help – those living in the bondage of obesity – continue to deny that their lives would be better if they just made three simple choices: exercise regularly, eat nutritiously and make positive lifestyle choices. It is really that simple.

But just as Job persevered and his faith was unwavering, so is mine.   This week, I created the 10 Commitments of Healthy Living as part of a new initiative that I started – the Healthy Living Church Albuquerque – that has its first meeting in my home this evening.   With so many people suffering with poor quality of life, this will be a way to discuss the benefits of following the 10 Commitments and being with people who can change lives with their faith in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

If you find yourself struggling with discouragement, then I urge you to read a wonderful article by a friend of mine. His article is the basis of the title of this email. Reading the beginning of his story should be enough for you to want to read it in its entirety and you can do that by just clicking on the link provided.

The Wedge of Discouragement by Tom Venuto

One day the devil was having a sale, hawking his many diabolical tools of the trade. On display, with their price tags attached, were all the devil’s tools and weapons: the arrows of jealousy, the hammer of anger, the dagger of worry, the slingshot of doubt, the axe of hatred and numerous others.

But one tool stood out above them all. Displayed prominently on a pedestal high above the rest of his wares was showcased, “The Wedge of Discouragement.”

Intrigued by this little tool, which was dented and worn with use, a curious shopper inquired about the high price, because the wedge cost more than all the other tools combined.

“Ah yes,” said the devil, “THAT is my favorite tool of all. You see, it’s so easy to use. It hardly takes any effort. All I have to do is get the very tip of the wedge into my victim and the rest is easy. Once the wedge is in, I just tap it ever so slightly and it slides in deeper and deeper.

“Sometimes I don’t have to do anything – my victims push the wedge in deeper all by themselves! A small opening soon becomes a gaping crack, making room for the rest of my tools. Before you know it, my wedge has completely split a person’s dreams, hopes and aspirations in two.”

“That’s why the wedge of discouragement commands such a high price – because it’s my most effective tool. It has opened more doors for me than all my other tools combined.”

The moral of this story is obvious and so true, isn’t it? The smallest bit of discouragement can split your dreams apart – IF you let it.   Continued…

Richard Dafter Spring
2009 Team Beachbody Top Coach
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
Team Howtobefit Head Coach

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