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999, 1,000, 1,001...

I am blessed in so many ways. One of those ways is that over the years, I have amassed almost 10,000 Team Beachbody members whose lives have touched mine and that I have had the privilege to guide in the direction of better health and fitness and quality of life.

Another way that I have been blessed is to have a focal point in my life that required me to have to keep working out no matter what, in order to lead my Team Beachbody members by example. I can't even imagine how I would have gotten through all of my health struggles and family struggles if I didn't have all of you to be accountable to, the SuperGym to have to log into and Tony, Chalene, Shaun T and more recently the Les Mills trainers to show up to work out with.

So here I am today, having finished my 998th workout (P90X Shoulders & Arms) and being grateful for the opportunity to invite all of you to my 999th workout tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 pm MT (a 90:00 hike), my 1,000th workout on Monday (Insanity Day One) at 5:00 am MT or to start the next 1,000 workouts with me on Tuesday when I do Shoulders & Arms again) at 6:30 am MT!

I so look forward to sharing these milestones with all of you. How did I get here on my fitness journey? Persistence, determination and consistency are the ingredients of my success. Discipline was the recipe that I used to mix those three things in such a way that I would succeed in getting to this point in my life. Those three ingredients will work for you, too, along with discipline to make sure that you are using the right proportions of each, to get you to your goals. Click on the image below to watch the short movie from Brian Tracy about "The Power of Discipline".

The Power of Discipline

Reaching Your Topstone

Yesterday, I went on a hike, and although it looks like I scaled a mountain and came down the other side, the altimeter in my watch just shows the fact that I did an out and back that was up the side of the Sandia Mountain and then I turned around and came back down. I am focusing on getting my endurance and strength back and bringing my heart back to the health that it always had and these hikes sure help.

The image looks a lot like Cale Dansbee's TOPSTONE image and I am following his lead in seeking every day to reach the TOPSTONE in my life. Cale has been a great inspiration to me and I want to personally thank him for that.

March 16th hike in Sandia Mountains

In Closing...

Over the next three days, I will be sending out SuperGym invitations. Join me for one of the workouts or whenever you want in my journey of the next 1,000 workouts!


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